Alcatel 3L (2021) Review: Triple Cameras, Modest Price

The Alcatel 3L is a budget-friendly device, but it still has all the basics you need in a smartphone. It features a good screen, an excellent battery, and good camera.

Alcatel 3L 2021 Review

Alcatel is a subsidiary of TCL that offers smart devices with affordable prices. Alcatel launched Alcatel 3L (2021) in April 2021, continuing its successful predecessor from last year.

This device is rather simple and basic in regards to the features offered. Here is the Alcatel 3L (2021) review regarding the value that is provided by its modest features and price.

One notable feature to take into consideration is that this device is still stuck with 4G technologies. However, Alcatel might change it for their future itineration.

However, Alcatel 3L (2021) still offers high-rate specs. Without further ado, here is the full breakdown of the device.

Key Specs

Dimensions165.6 x 75.6 x 8.7mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.52-inch
Resolution1600 x 720
CPU1.8GHz Octa-core, Mediatek Helio P22
Battery4,000mAh, Non-Removable
Rear camera48MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera8MP


Alcatel 3L 2021
Alcatel 3L 2021

The Alcatel 3L (2021) smartphone has a nice look thanks to the intricate design of the glass and plastic combination. Furthermore, the device is available in two distinct color; Jewelry Blue and Jewelry Black.

It features a modern and compact design. We can tell right away that this isn’t your typical budget phone. It has a glossy finish and a deluxe feel to it. Despite having a larger screen, the device remains small and light due to its sleek design.

On its front, it has a full-fledged display screen. The screen covers just about the entire surface of the device, leaving only a few edges. We like how the device’s main buttons are hidden behind the screen. The selfie camera is located in the top center.

On the back, the phone’s triple primary cameras are the focus. They are all lined up in a row. It’s a novel concept when compared to current configuration trends, which are commonly in a rectangular layout. The device’s clearly accessible fingerprint sensor is conveniently close at the center.

Everything on the sides is kept minimal. The volume controls are located on the device’s right side. The lock button is located just below it. While on the opposite side is the Google Assistant button. A 3.5mm headphone jack and a microUSB port are both available at the top and bottom respectively. As a whole, Alcatel 3L (2021) is a stylish gadget that’s appealing in the modest smartphone market.


Alcatel 3L 2021 Display

The Alcatel 3L (2021) offers a 6.52-inch display on which to showcase all of its data. Because of its sheer size, we can see and enjoy images, videos, and other media without any hindrances. It not only helps with the field of view, but it also helps with navigating the interface.

The phone has a 20:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1600 x 720. This means that we can zoom in on visuals without they becoming pixelated. Thus, we can stream videos in a variety of resolutions without any strains.

With decent quality, the large display screen would be adequate for ease of use. We am able to enjoy on-screen interface with more vibrant colors and dynamic gestures. We no longer need to rely on bigger gadgets to watch HD online videos as we are able to do the same using Alcatel 3L (2021). The phone’s touch screen is rather responsive to our fingers. 


Alcatel 3L 2021 Camera

The triple rear cameras on the Alcatel 3L (2021) are quite impressive. The first one to note is the 48MP primary camera. Because of the quite high megapixel count, we can take clearer, more detailed photos.

Cameras with higher megapixels, on the other hand, often seem to be a little darker. However, with the phone’s LED flash, gaining some illumination in low-light situations isn’t too difficult. In addition, it has an auto flash function to assist with brightness.

There’s also a 2MP macro camera for taking panoramic images or any other shot that demands more space. A 2MP depth camera is also included for excellent close shots. Finally, the 8MP selfie camera is worth a shot. This is quite adequate for taking photos or videos.

Moreover, the camera feature provides a variety of options for explorations. We were able to take photos with portrait, panorama, and HDR options. Not only that, but the camera can also function as a QR code scanner, face recognition, and other tools.

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The internal storage of the Alcatel 3L (2021) is 64GB. However, upon activation, We discovered that there already are preloaded apps. As a result of these, we do not have access to all of the internal memory. While this is a significant decrease, it is still sufficient for basic apps.

Fortunately, we can increase the storage capacity of the smartphone. All we have to do is insert a microSDXC card into the device. Unfortunately, this option is only available for the single SIM model. Alas, this phone can only support up to 512GB of external storage. This proportion of storage will only get us so far and will only store the bare necessities.


The Alcatel 3L (2021) is powered by a Mediatek Helio P22 chipset. This chipset is sufficiently powered, allowing us to use the device for an extended period of time.

The Octa-core chipset, which runs at 1.8GHz, only supports 4G, which surprisingly supports streaming adequately. We would prefer not to expect higher power efficiency and intuitive speeds, but it is still a dependable smartphone to buy. Furthermore, these features make it ideal for light phone usage.

The smartphone has 4GB of RAM for storing data from apps that are running. Modern devices require at least 3GB of RAM to ensure that they do not crash frequently. Despite the fact that it only has 4GB of storage, this phone is suitable for casual use. 4GB may appear to some to be a bit of a hindrance. This RAM size, however, is enough to support the processor’s functions. 

The operating system is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone, and this Alcatel 3L (2021) review does not overlook it. The device runs Android 11, which ensures that apps and system remain stable. The OS, with its optimized appearance and powerful controls, enables us to better manage our daily use while providing strong security settings.

With Android 11, we can control our notifications across multiple apps from a centralized point. Instead of having to manually exit apps, this feature provides quite a flexible experience. Built-in screen recording, as well as select and share are also included.

The Alcatel 3L (2021) is equipped with a number of sensors. The accelerometer, proximity sensor, and compass are among these sensors. The accelerometer aids in detecting the device’s orientation, which is noticeable in most mobile gaming. It has a proximity sensor to prevent accidental touches on the display screen. Finally, the compass is in charge of real world navigation.

The device’s fingerprint sensor is another more noticeable sensor. This feature enables us to unlock the device without the use of passwords. We always keep our fingers clean to ensure that this sensor works properly. Face unlocking is another notable feature. This is a fantastic addition to your mobile conveniences. 


The Alcatel 3L (2021) smartphone is 4G proficient. The phone’s 4G connectivity is quite exceptional, thanks to its attached chipset. However, if we want to save some data, Iwecan simply switch to Wi-Fi. This smartphone is currently available in single SIM and dual SIM specifications.

Bluetooth 5.0 is included with this phone. We can use Bluetooth to connect our external devices and go wireless at any time and from any location. Bluetooth is also useful for transferring data. We can also use the microUSB 2.0 to transfer files over a cable.


The battery in the Alcatel 3L (2021) smartphone is 4,000mAh. The non-removable battery has a long lifespan and can withstand hours of use. This should be useful for anyone who dislikes having to charge his or her gadgets on a regular basis. And, because the battery is non-removable, the chances of it being damaged are minimal.

When the battery runs out, we can use the phone’s 10W charging to charge it right away. This does not take much time at all. Because of the battery in this phone, we can use it with minimal interruptions and take it around without needing to search for a charging port.

Is the Alcatel 3L a good phone?

The Alcatel 3L (2021) has a few good features. Based on our perception, we had the impression that this phone could stay true to its standards. While it has some minor flaws, such as limited internal storage, we believe we can overlook them given the other advantages.

The smartphone is currently available for $170. Alas, this is the Alcatel 3L (2021) review which might help you to choose a modest smartphone with enough capabilities for daily use. TLDR, here are the pros and cons of Alcatel 3L (2021) for your consideration.

Alcatel 3L Pros

  • 48MP AI Triple Camera
  • 4,000mah Battery
  • Face Unlock
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Google Assistant Button

Alcatel 3L Cons

  • No 5G supports
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