AT&T Motivate 2 (EA211002) User Manual

AT&T Motivate 2 has a comprehensive guide about all the features and functions on the phone. Read the user manual and find out what’s available on the device.

ATT Motivate 2 User Manual

Before using your brand new smartphone, make sure to take a little moment to read the user manual. Reading the document may not be pleasing, but it’s very helpful to deeply understand the product.

The AT&T Motivate 2 (EA211002) user manual does more than just explain the device. It also acts as a guide to get started with the device. Besides telling users about the features, it can prevent you from any troubles.

Take a glimpse of the user manual to get a general idea about what is inside the full document. You can download it later if you’d like to read the complete version.

Getting Started

If this is your first time using the AT&T Motivate 2 and you get lost by the product, you need to read this first section. There is a full tour of this smartphone. It displays the phone’s components to easily locate each function.

Also, there are some fundamental steps to starting your phone. You will learn about installing the SIM/SD cards, turning the phone on and off, or how to use the touch screen properly.

Basic Operations

After the device is ready to operate, you may go to this next section. You will get an introduction to the phone’s interface. For example, this section provides information about the home screen and apps lists. You can learn about the home screen basics and how to customize it.

Understand how to manage the applications and phone numbers in no time. For downloading the apps from your phone, you need a Google account. This section also tells you how to easily create an account.

Making Connections

What is the point of having a smartphone if you can’t connect with people, right? No worries! In this third section, you’re gonna learn a lot about how to make a connection by using a phone call, text messages, or email.

From here, you will be able to surf the internet by using Google Chrome. You can also enjoy Facebook directly from your phone with the Facebook Lite App already downloaded.

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Apps and Entertainment

In this section, users will discover the apps and entertainment that are available on the AT&T Motivate 2 smartphone. Do you want to capture the moment from the phone? This is the right section.

In the first part, you will get the full knowledge to take advantage of your camera. You can do a lot, from taking photos, recording videos, editing the pictures, to sharing them all. You can even scan the QR codes from your camera.

Besides that, you can also get more productive by using other useful apps such as calendar, Google search, calculator, and clock. You can also get entertained by using the Youtube apps.


There are a lot of phone settings on this device. It is recommended to read this section carefully to avoid any unwanted troubles. Suppose you want to connect with the network and internet. In that case, this section provides the steps from connecting with the Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, VPN, or using your phone as a Mobile Hotspot.

This section also has some guides to connect the AT&T Motivate 2 to other devices using USB ports or Bluetooth. You can also learn how to manage the apps, battery, phone display, and storage from this.

Privacy and security are also very important to set up. It contains many ways to protect your phone, such as Google Play Protect and Find My Device. Other ways are also available to give advanced protection to the phone, such as screen lock, fingerprint lock, and smart lock.

Download User Manual

That’s all the summary of the AT&T Motivate 2 (EA211002) user manual. It can be very helpful for users to explore the device from basic to advanced one. To read this resourceful document, click the download link that we have already provided below. Enjoy and take your time.

Download: AT&T Motivate 2 User Manual (PDF)

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