BLU View 1 (B100DL) User Manual

Sneak peek of the important document in understanding your new phone. Read all the details in this BLU View 1 user manual. Download links available.

BLU View 1 User Manual

A manual is a piece of document that’s sadly overlooked most of the time. It’s a resourceful compilation of information about the complete specifications of your device. Think of it as a cheat sheet that unlocks secrets about your phone.

This document contains valuable details about the overall performance of your phone. It allows you to configure the settings to make the device truly yours.

One particular manual that you can check out is the BLU View 1 (B100DL) user manual. Users will find this document helpful, especially if you plan on using the phone for a long time.

Stick around to check out our summary of the manual. If it piques your interest, you can download the full manual afterward.

Quick introduction

Before turning on your BLU View 1, there are some things that you will need to take note of. For starters, you must know how to press the Power key correctly. There is a specific method to activating your phone, so check the manual to see how.

Once the phone is up and running, you’ll also need to familiarize yourself with the interface. The manual lets you know what buttons are available on the navigation bar. Additionally, you can find out more about the notifications bar in this section as well.

Making calls

Placing a call on the BLU View 1 is as simple as ABCs. But if you have never used a modern smartphone such as this device, it’s okay. There’s no shame in not knowing how to do so. There is a specific chapter that will guide you step-by-step when making calls.

If you have a hard time contacting a certain loved one, you might want to access Contacts. Check out the manual to find out how you can easily locate your preferred contact. Calling someone has never been this quick and easy.

Text messaging

Not a fan of making calls? Send text messages to your family and friends with the BLU View 1 instead. The manual features a screenshot of the messaging interface. Each button comes with a label for you to identify each function easily.

Once in a while, you might want to spice things up by sending an MMS. An MMS accommodates multimedia messages such as pictures or videos. Take a look at what an MMS fully means by referring to this section.

Wireless technology

Wireless technology is becoming a popular trend, and the Blu View 1 User Manual provides information on that. Instead of relying on a data connection, you can browse the Internet by connecting to an available hotspot. This is possible by activating the phone’s Wi-Fi function. For the complete guideline, this is your go-to chapter.

Bluetooth is used in several external devices, such as headphones and speakers. You can connect these devices by powering on Bluetooth on the phone. Spend a few minutes reading the manual, and you can listen to your music wirelessly.

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Gmail account

Everyone needs a proper email account to get things running. Instead of accessing your email from a computer, you can do the same thing on your Blu View 1. If you think having an email account on your phone is unnecessary, the manual might change your mind. Check out this section to see why setting up a Gmail account is super beneficial.

Using the camera

The best part of using a smartphone is taking photos. Blu View 1 is no exception. Find out how you can create new memories through this section. Two separate guidelines show you how to correctly take pictures and record videos.

Afterward, you can check your shots in the phone’s gallery. For those who are having a hard time locating it, you can simply read the manual.

Configuring your settings

Blu View 1 has a long list of settings that you can alter based on your personal preferences. There are so many options that you can modify, it’s easy to get lost in the way. Fortunately, the manual has summarized these settings, and lets you know what each option does. You no longer need to be afraid of switching in the wrong setting.

Download user manual

That’s the end of our Blu View 1 user manual summary. However, that’s not the end of it. We still have the full manual document available. To access this, head to the download link we have provided. It lets you save a copy of the manual for your future reference.

Download: BLU View 1 User Manual (PDF)

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