BLU VIVO XI User Manual

Reading the BLU VIVO XI user manual is an essential thing to do. You can elevate this low-cost smartphone to a higher level by tuning it right.

BLU VIVO XI User Manual

Instruction paper is a crucial feature that always comes with a device. Because it has steps on how to operate the device including the applications inside.

If you just purchase a new device, then you need to read the manual. Hence why it’s recommended to read this BLU VIVO XI user manual.

In this document, you will learn many things. Besides to avoid damages or any mistakes to the device, you can know better about its features and how to operate it correctly.

So, read it carefully before using the phone. Meanwhile, here is the sneak peek of the manual file you can read before checking the whole document.


Power On: Please ensure the SIM card has been properly inserted into the phone. Long press the Power key to switch the phone on.

Power Off: In standby mode, long press on Power key until an options menu appears. Select Power Off in the menu to power off the phone.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is a dedicated area that displays device navigation buttons. These system buttons allow the user to control the phone seamlessly.


Returns to the previous screen; Closes the keyboard, any open program, or any menu option.


The home button pauses any current action and returns to the home screen.

Recent Apps

Opens a list of recently opened applications that allows you to switch conveniently between them. This option can also close any open applications by swiping to the side.

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Notifications Bar

The notification bar is located on the top of the screen which contains useful and important information regarding your phone and the applications that are installed.

On the notification bar, several icons will appear such as signal bar, time, battery indicator, data indicator, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You may slide the notification bar down with your finger to display any pending notifications or actions.

Notification Settings

The notification settings panel provides shortcuts to different phone settings for quick access. Click on any of the shortcut notification icons to power on or off.

To clear notifications:

Drag down the notification bar and click the clear notification icon on the lower right hand part of the notification screen.

To access the quick notification settings menu:

Drag down the notification bar completely. Some settings include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Airplane mode, and Flashlight.

Call Functions

At the dialing interface, enter the phone number and then click the dial key.

Placing a Call

Click the Keypad button to open the dial keyboard. At the dial keyboard, enter the phone number you wish to dial.

You may also press and hold the 0 key to add a (+) sign when adding an international dialing prefix.

Click the dial button to make the call.

If dialing an extension, you may click on the keypad button to open the keypad interface and enter the number of the extension.

Click the end button to end the call.

Call Options

There are different options that can be used in the call log and dialing interface. You may press the menu key while in the general dialing interface and adjust call settings, enter call history, clear your frequently dialed numbers, and add a new contact.

Call Logs

Every telephone number called and received will be saved in the phones call log. All recently called numbers in the call log can be dialed by clicking on the contact tile in the speed dial tab, or by clicking on the contact and selecting call back in the recent tab.

When the number appears on the list, click it to view details. To delete a call from the call history, press the menu key and select delete. You may remove one or multiple calls.

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Open Contacts

To access, click on the applications menu then on the Contacts icon.

The default display is the phone contacts and SIM card contacts.

Contacts are organized alphabetically by default.

Click the menu button to enter the contact search interface or scroll to search a contact. Any numbers or letters associated with any of the contacts saved in the list will be shown in the search results.

Add New Contact

Click the add contact icon to add contact icon in the bottom right.

You may save your contacts to either your Google account, phone or SIM card.

Enter the contact information that include adding a picture, name, telephone number, group, address, and email among other options.

Click to save contact.

The phone allows you to import and export contacts to synchronize information between different storage types that include the SIM card, Gmail account and your phone.

To import or export contacts:

Click the Contacts icon to enter the phonebook.

Click the menu button and select Import / Export

Select the source you want to copy the contacts. Once selected click next and select the destination where you want the contact to be copied to and then select the desired contacts to be copied.


You may use this function to exchange text messages and multimedia messages with your family and friends. The messages to and from the same contact or phone number will be saved into a single conversation so you may see the entire message history conveniently.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology that devices can use to exchange information and connect to different types of devices that include headsets and other devices. Wi-Fi allows mobile phones to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Power on Bluetooth

To access, click on the Settings icon then on Connected Devices and select to power on Bluetooth. Click on Pair New Device.

The Bluetooth will then start to scan for all devices within its range and will display all available devices.

When the scan is complete, all the devices found will display in a list under available devices. Once the device has been identified, click on it to pair.

Download User Manual

There’s so much more you can read in the BLU VIVO XI user manual. To see the entire document, feel free to access the available PDF File link that has been provided. With just one click on the download button, you can have all of the knowledge in your hands.

Download: BLU VIVO XI User Manual (PDF)

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