Nokia 2760 Flip (N139DL) User Manual

Be sure to take a look at the Nokia 2760 Flip user manual. It has information about all the features on your device and how to use them.

Nokia 2760 Flip Phone Manual

The user manual is a document that comes with many products to give the user instructions on how to use them.

They are usually written in a way that is easy to understand and contains information on how to set up the product, troubleshooting, maintenance and more.

We recommend checking out our summary before reading the Nokia 2760 Flip (N139DL) user manual. This will give you a good idea of what the manual contains and who it is for.

Get Started

Turn on your phone

Press and hold the power key.

Keys and Parts

Nokia 2760 Flip Keys Parts
  1. Call key
  2. Shortcut key
  3. Left selection key
  4. Center key
  5. Earpiece
  6. Right selection key
  7. Back key
  8. Power/ End key
  9. Camera
  10. Flash
  11. Microphone
  12. Back cover opening slot
  13. Headset connector
  14. Volume keys
  15. SOS call key
  16. USB connector

SIM Card

Turn the device off and disconnect the charger and any other device before removing any covers. Avoid touching electronic components while changing any covers. Always store and use the device with any covers attached.

Your phone comes with the SIM card preinstalled.

To swap the SIM, follow the steps below:

  1. Put your fingernail in the small slot at the bottom of the phone, lift and remove the cover.
  2. If the battery is in, lift it out.
  3. Slide the SIM card holder to the left and open it up. Place the nano-SIM in the slot face down, close down the holder and slide it to the right to lock it in place.
  4. Put back the battery.
  5. Put back the cover.
Nokia 2760 Flip SIM Card

Charge Your Phone

  1. Plug a compatible charger into a wall outlet.
  2. Connect the cable to your phone.

Your phone supports the USB-C cable. You can also charge your phone from a computer with a USB cable, but it may take a longer time.

If the battery is completely drained, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed.


Explore Your Phone

To open the apps list, press the center key.

To open an app or select a feature, press the center key right, left, up, or down to scroll to the app or feature, and press the center key to select.

To go back to the previous view, press the back key.

To go back to the home screen, press Power/ End key

Change the Volume

To change the volume during a call, or when listening to music, press the volume keys.

To change the volume of your media apps, ringtones, alerts, and alarms, press the center key, and select Settings. Scroll right to Personalization, and select Sound > Volume.

Lock the Keys and Screen

If you want to avoid accidentally making a call when your phone is in your pocket or bag, you can lock your keys and screen.

To lock your keys and screen, press and hold the * key, or close the fold.

Unlock the Keys and Screen

To unlock the keys and screen, select Unlock.

Set a Screen Lock

You can set the phone to ask for a screen lock code.

  1. Press the center key and select Settings.
  2. Scroll right to Privacy & Security.
  3. Select Screen Lock > Screen lock > On, and create a four-digit code.

However, that you need to remember the code you created, as Tracfone is not able to open or bypass it.

Write Text

Press a key repeatedly until the letter is shown.

To type in a space, press 0.

To type in a special character or punctuation mark, press *.

To switch between character cases, press # repeatedly.

To type in a number, press and hold a number key.

Change the Text Size

Do you want to read bigger text on the display?

  1. Press the center key and select Settings.
  2. Scroll right to Device, and select Accessibility > Large text > On.

Accessibility mode

With the accessibility mode, the text on the phone display is bigger and the alerts louder. To switch on the accessibility mode, press the center key, and select Settings > Device > Accessibility Mode > On.

Add Your ICE Details

To be able to make SOS calls, you need to add your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details. To add your personal details, press the center key, and select Settings > Device > ICE information.

To define the contacts to whom the SOS call is made, press the center key, and select Settings > Device > ICE information > Options > Create ICE contacts.

Make an SOS Call

Once you have the accessibility mode turned on and added an ICE contact, you can make SOS calls. To make the call, press and hold the SOS call key for three seconds, or press the SOS call key quickly twice. The phone calls your first ICE contact. If the contact doesn’t answer in 25 seconds, the phone calls the next contact, and keeps calling your contacts 10 times until one of them answers the call, or you press Power/End key.

Note: When the SOS call is answered, the phone goes to handsfree mode. Do not hold the phone close to your ear, as the volume may be very loud.

Send an SOS Message

You can select to send an SOS message if no one answers your SOS call. Press the center key and select Settings > Device > Accessibility Mode > On > SOS Call > SOS Message > On.

To edit the pre-defined message, select SOS Message > Edit.

Tip: If you want to keep the accessibility mode on, but don’t want to make SOS calls, press the center key, and select Settings > Device > Accessibility Mode > SOS Call > Off.

Battery life

To save power:

  • Always charge the battery fully.
  • Mute unnecessary sounds, such as keypad sounds.
  • Use wired headphones, rather than the loudspeaker.
  • Set the phone screen to turn off after a short time.
  • Lower the screen brightness.
  • When applicable, use network connections, such as Bluetooth, selectively: turn the connections on only when you are using them.

Connect with your friends and family


Make a Call:

  1. Type in the phone number. To type in the + character, used for international calls, press * twice.
  2. Press Call key.
  3. To end the call, press Power/End key.

Answer a Call:

When the phone rings, press Call key.

Reject a Call

To reject a call, press Power/End key.

Real-Time Text (RTT)

To set real-time text on, press the center key, and select Settings > Device > Accessibility > RTT. Select Visible during calls to see RTT functions during phone calls or Always visible to be able to select whether to make a phone call or an RTT call in Messages, Contacts and Call log applications.

When you receive a phone call, press Call key and then select Options > RTT view to be able to start writing.


Save and organize your friends’ and family members’ phone numbers.

Add a Contact:

  1. Press the center key and select Contacts.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter the contact details.
  4. Select SAVE.

Transfer Contacts From Your Old Phone

To add contacts from your Gmail or Outlook account to your new phone, press the center key, and select Contacts > Options > Settings > Import Contacts and the relevant option.

To add contacts from your old phone using Bluetooth:

  1. On your new phone, press the center key, and select Settings > Network & Connectivity > Bluetooth > On.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your old phone and send the needed contacts to your new phone using Bluetooth.
  3. On your new phone, accept the transfer request.
  4. On the home screen, select Notices > Files received > Import.

Call a Contact

You can call a contact directly from the contacts list:

  1. Press the center key, and select Contacts.
  2. Scroll to a contact and press Call key.

Download User Manual

That’s all for this brief summary. For more on the Nokia 2760 Flip, please refer to the full user manual. You can download the whole document by clicking on the download link that’s been provided. Enjoy reading it!

Download: Nokia 2760 Flip User Manual (PDF)

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