T-Mobile REVVL V User Manual

Dive into the T-Mobile REVVL V user manual to help you find out the most interesting part of the device and solve any problems that you may face in the future.

T-Mobile REVVL V User Manual

Something that we can’t resist after getting a new smartphone is taking a little peek at what’s inside the box. However, you should do some preps and take some important notes when it comes to handling the device.

T-Mobile REVVL V user manual is an insightful document to give users more understanding about the device in their hand. It contains tons of information divided into some chapters to help you find the solution with ease.

We make a summary for users to get an overview of the user manual. It can minimize your spending time while navigating the device that you just bought.

Getting Started

The first chapter of the user manual provides you with a complete layout of the T-Mobile REVVL V phone’s parts. This will also show you the functions of each key. Knowing the phone’s characteristics first is very important to navigate the device.

There are also some steps to do an initial setup like how to install the Nano SIM card. Moreover, this chapter will also guide you to manage the home screen and learn some status bars’ icons.

About Your Phone

In the next part, you will learn how to turn on and off your phone. There is also some knowledge about the phone’s battery. You can learn how to maintain the battery to optimize the battery life.

There are 3 ways that you can try to have a long-lasting battery. It includes turning on the power saving mode, lower screen brightness, and activating the screen timeout. Find out more in this chapter.

Personalize Your Phone

Having your smartphone must feel special. You can personalize your smartphone by turning it into more ‘you’. We recommend you follow the step-by-step setups that are provided in this chapter.

In the user manual, you will find guides to change the language and the date and time. You can activate the NFC feature and enable the dark mode, eye comfort mode, and many more. You can control your digital behavior right in this chapter as well.

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In this chapter, users will get detailed information about the basic apps on the T-Mobile REVVL V smartphone. These apps can help users with their everyday activities such as Calls, Contacts, Messages, Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Camera, Photos, and Clocks.

The instructions come with symbols, pictures, and descriptions, so it is easy to understand for first-timers. Make sure to read this part, it will help you to operate the apps more efficiently.

Google Applications

Apart from basic apps, the T-Mobile REVVL V is also already pre-loaded with the Google applications. This chapter will help you to figure out what kind of Google apps that you can use on the device.

You can read about Google, Gmail, Drive, Duo, Keep Notes, and Files to make your work easier. For entertainment purposes, you can read the Youtube, Google Play Movies and TV apps sections.


As we know, smartphones store sensitive data and information about us. That’s why we need advanced security features on our device to make sure there is no data theft or fraud from irresponsible people.

In this chapter, you will learn how to adjust the security settings. You can use a screen lock, SIM card lock, fingerprint sensors, face key, and smart lock to be your phone’s protective shield.

Download User Manual

So that’s the summary of the T-Mobile REVVL V user manual. It is provided for you to get some insights about the device’s technical and non-technical information. This user manual is created with easy and clear instructions. You can download the full document in this provided link and read them before you jump into the device.

Download: User Manual (PDF)

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