Blu View Mega (B110DL) User Manual

Check out and download the Blu View Mega user manual for proper assistance. Know how to use the phone properly, find tutorials, and troubleshoots.

The first thing we need when you get lost is a set of instructions. Like a map that travelers use, we need a manual to explore our phone.

Brand new devices are continually being developed with updated specifications day by day. A manual can improve the performance of a modern smartphone, such as the Blu View Mega.

If we don’t understand how our smartphones operate, it would be a massive waste of the device’s potential. It is a shame if we can’t let our smartphones do our work for us.

Regret nothing and check out our summary of the Blu View Mega (B110DL) user manual. One good read of the outline, and you’ll immediately want to download a copy of yourself.

Turning on your device

When you pick up your Blu View Mega for the first time, you’ll need to do some things beforehand. The manual lets you know the various steps that you must take to fully activate your phone. Once that’s done, you can proceed to switch on the power button.

The power button works in different ways. Short presses and long presses on the power button will perform other activities. Learn how to correctly power on a button safely by checking out this chapter.

Phone lock screen

Your Blu View Mega smartphone comes with an engaging lock screen that displays multiple widgets. There are several widgets that you can put on the lock screen for better access. To see what features could be included in your lock screen, this is your go-to section.

Another unique feature included in the phone is the lock screen bar. It’s a bar that’s hidden on the left side of the phone. If you have no clue where to locate this, no sweat. The manual has screenshots of the lock screen bar interface to guide you.

Call functions

A smartphone like the Blu View Mega is designed to perform many duties. However, a straightforward task remains – making phone calls. Connecting to someone through the phone sounds like an easy thing to do. However, a different phone can have specific instructions on making calls.

To learn how to properly make phone calls, be sure to read the manual. There are elaborate steps on placing calls available for reading. Additionally, you can learn how to locate your call options and call logs through this chapter as well.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a beneficial feature that you can optimize if you are not a fan of using a data connection. If this is your first time using Wi-Fi, it’s okay. The Blu View Mega user manual lets you know where the Wi-Fi is located and how to attain an efficient connection.

Bluetooth technology is getting trendy nowadays due to the rising demand for wireless demands. Follow the movement by setting up your Bluetooth headset or speakers. Everything is included in the manual for you to read up on.

Managing files

Everything that is included in your Blu View Mega smartphone is stored in your files manager. This feature organizes all the memories that you keep in your storage. The next time you’re looking for a photo of yourself, you can check the file manager. Find the feature through the user manual.

Camera options

Create new memories by making use of the camera on your Blu View Mega smartphone. Before you turn on your camera, you should read the precautions provided in the manual. This ensures that you don’t lose any photos during camera usage.

Not only can you take photos with your phone, but you can also adjust them directly. The user manual gives you clear instructions on achieving filtered pictures with a simple touch of a button.

Configuring settings

The settings chapter of the user manual gives you a list of all the things you can configure on your Blu View Mega. The phone’s setting options range from network and internet to battery settings. The next time you’re reading this chapter, think of it as a map that leads you to a specific setting option.

Download user manual

We’ve finally reached the end of our summary of the Blu View Mega user manual. If you need a full version of the user manual, we’ve got your back. Click on the download link we have conveniently provided. This will lead you to a PDF version of the user manual.

Download: BLU View Mega User Manual (PDF)

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