Cricket Influence User Manual

Cricket Influence includes the information about getting started, the camera, and more topics that are helpful for users.

Cricket Influence User Manual

After buying a phone, reading manuals is not something common in people’s to-do list. User manuals are boring to read. But that’s a common misconception.

For one, this Cricket Influence user manual proves to be otherwise. You’ll see a neatly-written document. Uncomplicated, the manual is equally packed with comprehensive information.

There’s plenty of topics you can read inside. It starts with guides on when using the phone the first time. Along the way, the topic gets more advanced but still easy to digest.

Here we provide an overview of the manual’s content. Get a gist of what you will discover inside. Later, you can download the full document if you want.

Getting Started

This is the introduction part of the manual. Read about the phone’s parts and their functions, some basic battery-related guides, and card installations. In short, this section helps you prepare the necessary stuff before turning on the phone for the first time.

Making Connections

To be fully functioning, your phone must be connected to a network. That’s how you can start calling friends and family. On top of that, you can browse the internet and access social media. These days, people mostly use a phone for internet surfing.

To get started with all these connectivity features, consult this chapter of the user manual. Whether it’s calling or texting, you’ll find the much-needed information on these pages. Not to mention, you’ll also read about alternatives like Bluetooth too. This phone provides various ways to get connected.

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Apps and Entertainment

The first thing you will read in this section is the Camera app. Cricket Influence has a decent camera with a handful of features. In the manual, you’ll see a list of icons and buttons such as HDR Boost and Play photos. Learn about them so you can get beautiful results when snapping photos.

This section further discusses the Productivity apps. There are Calendar, Navigation apps, Google Search, and Calculator. If you want to get the most of your time, learn how to utilize these helpful apps. They will save you plenty of time and headaches in your everyday life.

Lastly, this chapter also covers entertainment-related apps. There’s only one on the list, it’s YouTube. A little bit of introduction about the popular video app will suffice for most users. If you need help searching videos and other YouTube features, take a peek into this section.


You can see chapter “Settings” as the more complicated version of the Cricket Influence user manual. But no worries, even for beginners, the instructions here are easy to follow. Although there’s no denying how some of them are rather advanced.

First, you’ll get introduced to network and internet settings. This is where readers would learn about Wi-Fi, mobile data, Wi-Fi calling, and using VPN. Additionally, if you like to share your connection with friends, learn about hotspots and tethering.

Another important part of this section is the battery part. As you might have known, the battery of a phone deteriorates quickly. Maintenance is the key, as it is for keeping the battery’s overall health. This manual has some tips you can apply.

Beyond those two we mentioned, there are more topics to read about. The Settings chapter also covers configurations related to display, sound, and storage. Don’t forget to read about privacy and security too, such as setting up a screen lock and downloading security updates.


It’s not rare for a phone to bump into issues, Cricket Influence included. When that happens, be a skilled user who can solve the problems on your own. This manual acts as your assistant. Flip through the pages and find this section. You will know what to do.

Some problems covered here include a freezing screen, connectivity issues, and a battery that drains too quickly. These are common problems users encounter on a daily basis you can solve with the help of the manual. Your phone isn’t broken. It just needs a little bit of tuning up.

Download User Manual

This sneak peek hopefully convinced you about reading the full version of the Cricket Influence user manual. There are still more details to discover. It’s better to have a copy, preferably a digital file so you can bring it everywhere. You can download the pdf file through the link we provided below.

Download: Cricket Influence User Manual (PDF)

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