How to Fix Huawei Phone that Won’t Turn On

Learn the standard troubleshooting guides to fix Huawei phone that won’t turn on, where you can do it on your own and have the problem solved immediately.

Huawei Phone Wont Turn On

There are some reports about Huawei phone that won’t turn on at all. This could happen for many different reasons either it’s the hardware or the firmware.

If you are dealing with this problem right now, then there are a couple of standard troubleshooting actions that worth to try, before you bring it to professional technician.

Forced Reboot

One of the possibility that caused your Huawei phone won’t turn on is because the phone is frozen. Frozen phone won’t react to whatever you do with it and the best solution is to perform forced reboot process on it.

To forced reboot Huawei phone, press and hold Volume Down button and then do the same thing with Power button. Press both buttons for around 10 seconds, where it will force the system to reboot the phone and you will find the phone powered on perfectly.

Recharge the Battery

If the phone still won’t turn on after you forced reboot it, then it is possible that the battery has run out of power. Plug it on and charge it for a while before you try to turn it on.

If the battery is really draining out, it will take a couple of minutes before the phone show the charging indicator. Just leave the phone before you turn it back on. There should be no problem with it anymore.

One thing that you need to know is that the phone won’t charge if it’s still frozen. That is why you need to forced reboot the phone before you charge it. If you already forced reboot the phone, charge the battery and the phone still won’t turn on, you can try forced reboot it once again to see how it goes.

Safe Mode

If you have try the methods above and it still won’t turn on, then perhaps the problem is in the app on the phone. Crashed app happens from time to time and it affects the phone greatly. You need to check it out by reboot the phone in Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode, the entire 3rd party apps will be disabled temporarily and if one of those apps is the culprit, then you won’t have trouble to boot the phone in Safe Mode.

To boot the Huawei phone into Safe Mode, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold Power button.
  • Keep pressing for a while until Huawei logo screen appears. When it does, release Power button and press Volume Down button right away.
  • Your phone will reboot to Safe Mode.

Recovery Mode

If you can’t boot to Safe Mode because the phone don’t respond when you press Power button, then you need to boot it to Recovery Mode. To boot the phone into this mode, follow this guide:

  • Press and hold Volume Up and Power button in the same time for around 10 seconds.
  • Release both keys once Huawei logo appear and it will boot into recovery mode.

If you managed to boot into recovery mode, then you still got the chance to fix the phone on your own, but if it’s not work, then you should really bring the phone to professional technician who can dig deeper into the phone to find the real cause and fix it for you.

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