Sunbeam F1 User Manual

The Sunbeam F1 user manual will guide you through any difficulties when customizing this phone. Get the best of your phone using the manual.

Sunbeam F1 User Manual

Many users do not bother to read the user manual and start using their phone besides having a little knowledge about it. Yet, the user manual is made to give users information about their phone.

If you are an Sunbeam F1 user, the user manual will give you information and ensure the safety and proper use of your device. It has information about the phone’s features, applications, settings, and warranty.

By reading the user manual, we will know more about the phone so we can operate it more easily. It also tells you how to handle some issues.

Here is the sneak peak of Sunbeam F1 user manual for you to know more about the things you are going to get when reading the user manual.


Turn off the phone and disconnect the charger before removing the battery cover.

Installing the SIM card:

  1. Insert the SIM Card into the SIM card slot. Make sure the SIM card’s contacts are facing inwards.
  2. Always turn off the phone before removing the SIM card.

Installing the battery

Remove the battery cover, insert the battery into the battery compartment, and replace the battery cover.

Thank you for purchasing a Sunbeam Wireless cellular phone. We trust that this device will provide you with reliable service for years to come. To make the best use of your device, we recommend keeping this manual handy as you get acquainted with your phone.

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Unboxing Instructions

As supplied, the device package should include the following:

  • Sunbeam F1 phone
  • Battery
  • Charger cord
  • Charging base
  • User manual and warranty information

To power up the phone:

Long press the “end call/power key” until the phone powers on. This will generally require holding the key for three to five seconds. Using the same procedure will power down your device off.

Charge the device

The Sunbeam phone is supplied with a charging base. To use the charging base, insert the small end of the USB cable charger into the port located on the back of the charging base and connect the larger end of the USB cable to a suitable power supply. Simply place the device in the charging base to begin charging.

A flashing red light on the front of the device indicates that the device is being charged. When the red light is on but no longer flashing, the device has received a full charge.

To charge the device without using the charging base, insert the small end of the charging cable into the charging port located on the left side of the phone, and connect the charger to a suitable power source.


Pressing the center button allows you to open the various options featured in your model. Pressing the [directional arrow] keys will allow you to scroll from option to option.

Pressing the “Back” key will move to the previous screen.

Pressing the “End” key from any menu in the phone will return the user to the Home screen and end any current calls.

In any menu with a numbered prefix, pressing that number on your keypad will directly perform that function without requiring you to scroll to and select it.

Not all features mentioned in this guide are available on all models. Please refer to the feature list for your device to determine what is available.

Home Screen

The Home Screen displays the date and time. Options for both date and time are found under [System] [Settings] [Phone Settings] [Date and Time].

The Home Screen also provides a drop-down menu that is accessed by swiping down from the top portion of the display. In models without touch screen capability, this action can be performed from the “Menu” key. This menu displays the phone carrier name, the current battery capacity and provides access to other functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb settings, Flashlight and Airplane Mode.

Pressing the “down arrow” will allow the user to access additional options related to the features displayed in the drop-down menu including the options to adjust the screen brightness using the touch enabled slider located at the top of the display.

Pressing the “select” key from the Home Screen will display the Main Menu, which lists all phone functions. The lower portion of the Home Screen then displays an icon in the lower left that will toggle the menu display between list and grid views to suit your preference.

From the Home Screen, you may simply begin to dial a number at any time to call a number, search for a contact, or access a speed dial.

Setting up Shortcuts

The Sunbeam phone comes with several function shortcuts preset. Pressing the [directional arrow] keys allows the user to access these functions quickly. Pressing the [up arrow] displays the Alarm function. Pressing the [down arrow] displays the Calendar function. Pressing the [right arrow] accesses the Notes function. Pressing the [left arrow] displays the Calculator.

Function shortcuts can be reassigned to other functions by long pressing the [directional arrow] in any of the four directions. This will display a list of functionality options. Scroll to the preferred option and use the [select] key choose the desired function.

Download User Manual

That is just a small gist into the Sunbeam F1 user manual. If you’re still thirsty for more information, simply access the link for the manual’s PDF file.

With the downloaded version of the manual, you have all of the necessary knowledge in your hands. Now sit down, open up your manual, and transform your device into the very best version of itself.

Download: Sunbeam F1 User Manual (PDF)

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