TCL 20 A 5G User Manual

Discover the tutorial to customize your new phone with this TCL 20 A 5G user manual. Look into this helpful document to know the full tips and tricks.

TCL 20A 5G User Manual

There are several ways to know inside and out about the TCL 20 A 5G smartphone. One reliable way is reading the user manual. It may not be an interesting activity but it’s essential since you can gain a lot of benefits from this.

The TCL 20 A 5G user manual is very beneficial because it provides the information that you need to know. You can specifically learn about the smartphone’s features and functions. You can also avoid phone issues by following the precautions.

Skim through this summary of the user manual to get a bigger picture of the full guidebook. Are you interested to know more and deeper about your device? You can directly download the user manual at the end of this article.

Your Mobile

It’s the first part that you are going to read. It provides a basic understanding of the device. Learn about the layout of the phone’s keys and connectors. It comes with labels and descriptions, so you can identify the parts quickly and easily.

Moving on, the guide to starting your new phone will be showing up. You can learn how to install the SIM card, and power on and off the battery. Navigating the phone’s home screen and starting up the wizard can also be found here.

Multimedia Applications

Learn about all of the multimedia functions in this chapter. Utilizing the camera to take a photo or record the video by reading this. You can also find out how to use the camera’s modes and settings as well.

The next section will tell you how to preview the camera’s results and make some adjustments to your photo in the gallery. This chapter also gives users tutorials for playing music or controlling home appliances by using IR Remote.

Apps and Features

The TCL 20 A 5G has basic but useful applications. In this chapter, you are gonna find what those are. For communication purposes, you will get some information about how to make a call, manage your contact lists, and text a message.

Other than that, you can learn how to manage your daily activity by using a calendar, clock, and calculator. Additionally, this chapter will talk about TCL apps called NXTVISION which provides image, video, and game enhancement for a better visual experience.

You can also find some Google Apps that are already pre-installed into the device. These are Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, and many more. Before accessing those Apps, make sure to create a Google account first.

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Do you feel that some settings need to be adjusted? Or, do you want to make some customizations? This is the right chapter to learn them all. You will get enlightenment about how to connect to some networks and connectivity. You can adjust the display, sound, notification, and gesture settings by reading this chapter, too.

The most important part, in this section you are gonna find out how to enhance your smartphone’s privacy and security. There are advanced features for your device, the Smart Manager, and a security & biometric options range.


Just in case your device is facing unwanted troubles, we recommend you to come to this chapter immediately. This chapter is a helper. You can find everything you need to know about the problems that you are going through.

Download User Manual

That is the final part of the summary of the TCL 20 A 5G user manual. Now that you know a general idea of the user manual, it’s time for you to read the user manual. You may want to download the PDF file from the provided link below. Take your time.

Download: TCL 20 A 5G User Manual (PDF)

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