TCL 20 XE User Manual

The TCL 20 XE user manual is an insightful resource for users to find out how to operate the device. It includes some instructions, introductions, and precautions.

TCL 20 XE User Manual

For most people, smartphones have become an essential device. It can help you to stay connected with the world, or have entertainment. Before that, make sure you have a better understanding of the smartphone first.

The TCL 20 XE user manual comes with the guidelines for you to experience the journey. It provides all the important things you didn’t realize that you need before. It will make everything easier.

Because of that, we provide you with this article to give you a clear view of the user manual. Get full assistance with the device. If you want to read the full one, you can download it later afterward.

Getting Started

Before you start, knowing the smartphone’s components and each function is very important. This section will give you a diagram of the smartphone including the labels, complete with the descriptions.

You can also find out how to set up your phone by inserting the SIM card properly. Make sure to follow it through to prevent any damages. Then find out the phone’s home screen and status bar on this.

About Your Phone

Discover how to power on and off your TCL 20 XE smartphone in this chapter. It also has some steps to charge the phone. There is some additional information regarding the battery’s care to optimize the battery life. You can activate the power saving mode, or adjust the screen brightness and timeout.

Personalize Your Phone

The TCL 20 XE smartphone may look like most smartphones nowadays. But, there is nothing wrong with being a little more personal. Bring some uniqueness to your phone by reading this chapter thoroughly.

In this third chapter, you can customize the language preference that you want. Besides, you can get step-by-step instructions to adjust date & time, display, and sound settings. You can also manage your digital habits or parental controls.

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This smartphone is designed to be an advanced device for users to work with ease. It is capable of running some useful applications to gain your productivity. You can make some calls or voicemails, add or remove the contacts, and create or manage the messages.


Today, most phones are connected with Gmail as their primary email. Learn how to set up and use Gmail on the TCL 20 XE easily in this chapter. Not only that, but you will also find how to use Chrome browser for surfing the internet.

Besides, you can learn how to track your daily agendas with the help of the Calendar app. Importantly, this chapter will also tell you how to operate the Camera app for photos and video purposes. That’s what we love about smartphones, right?

Google Applications

The TCL 20 XE smartphone is an Android phone which was developed by Google. So, it’s common to find a bunch of Google applications on this device that are already pre-installed. This chapter briefly talks about those apps.

There are Google, Gmail, Drive, Duo, Notes, and Files to help you have a better work experience. You can also find Youtube and Play Music & TV to get some entertainment from the phone.


Every phone needs extra privacy and security. It will make users feel secure and safer when using the device. Make sure to read this chapter carefully, because you are gonna find a lot of insightful information to enhance the phone’s security.

You can try some options to do this. There are tutorials to activate the screen lock, fingerprint, and face unlock. You can also try smart lock, remote lock, and apps lock as well.

Download User Manual

The TCL 20 XE user manual is a very important document to read before you get deeper into exploring the device. You can use this user manual as a guidebook. If you are keen to know the details of this, we already provided a download link below just for you.

Download: TCL 20 XE User Manual (PDF)

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