TCL Flip (4056L) User Manual

Detailed information can never go wrong. Especially, when it comes to getting an understanding of a brand new phone. Read the TCL Flip user manual to get a wider view of it.

TCL Flip User Manual

Nowadays, a flip phone is uncommon for most people. But, it doesn’t mean these phone’s models vanish into thin air. There are still flip phones available in the market. One of them is the TCL Flip.

The TCL Flip may look old-fashioned but it is very handy for users who just need a compact communication device for their everyday activities. However, learning this device may take some time and effort.

Fortunately, the TCL Flip (4056L) user manual is provided for you to navigate the device easily in its easy-to-understand instructions. Check out this summary to know the full document of the user manual.

Your Device

If you are new to using the flip phone model, we recommend you to look at this very first chapter of the user manual. It introduces the location of the phone’s keys and buttons with detailed descriptions.

Then, you will gain more information about how to get started with the phone. Learn about how to set up your phone, power on and off the phone, and discover the home screen’s layout.


The TCL Flip features a camera to take photos and record videos. In this chapter, you can learn how to access the camera and use it for taking a picture and shooting a video.

It also provides users with how to zoom in/out the lens and access some options using the navigation key. There are some options you can try such as camera resolutions, self-timer, grid, and modes.

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Many applications are provided for this device. Read this Tools chapter to know how to use the apps properly. You can access the gallery to organize all of your saved photos. To make your daily life more organized you can go to the utility section.

Moreover, this chapter is giving you the information about clock, music, calendar, video, note, and FM radio. You can also manage all data stored on the phone and the microSD card.

Network & Connectivity

With the TCL Flip, you can still stay connected with the network or other devices with ease. This phone accommodates the cellular network & data to connect with the internet. It gives you explanations and instructions on how to use it.

If you don’t want to use the mobile network, you can choose the Wi-Fi options by following the steps provided. There is also a depth-in guide about Bluetooth to exchange the data or connect with external devices. And lastly, the airplane mode to disabled all wireless connections.

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Personalize Your Phone

Despite its simple and old-fashioned design, you can still customize the phone as you desire. You can make some adjustments to the device, so your phone will look more unique and personal.

Some customizations that you can set are language, the font size, and the date & time. You can also adjust the sounds, change the phone’s wallpaper, adjust the brightness, and the screen time-out.


We understand that privacy and security is a serious matter for every phone, including the TCL Flip phone. In this chapter, we explain all of the security features of the phone. Learn how to lock or unlock your phone’s screen, activate the SIM security, and enable the Anti-Theft feature.

Download User Manual

The summary of the TCL Flip user manual above only provides several chapters of the full guidebook. There are still more explanations, instructions, and precautions available that we can’t put all here.

If you want to read the full version, you can download the PDF files of the user manual at the provided link below. You can save the PDF and read the details.

Download: TCL Flip User Manual (PDF)

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