TCL Flip Pro (4056S) User Manual

Take a glimpse into the TCL Flip Pro user manual to know what the phone can offer for you. It provides uncomplicated information about the phone’s ins and outs.

TCL Flip Pro User Manual

Although it comes with a simpler design and models, operating the flip phone still needs a little help. Users need some guidance to operate the phone’s features and functions and prevent any misuse.

The TCL Flip Pro (4056S) user manual is an official helpful guideline for users to have a better perspective of the phone. With this user manual, the manufacturer hopes you won’t miss out on any valuable information. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Check out this summary to give you enlightenment about the user manual. After you are fully reassured with this, you can download the full document later.

Your Device

In the first chapter, you will be welcomed with a general overview of the phone’s parts and functions. It comes with an illustration and some explanation for each key.

After you get familiar with the device’s layout, you’ll be able to learn about the basic stuff such as inserting the battery and charging the phone. This chapter will also navigate you through the home screen.


Learn how to operate the camera feature on the TCL Flip Pro by reading this chapter. It explains some steps to work with the camera, from taking a photo or recording a video.

Even though the camera feature is not as advanced as smartphone models, you can still access some options to boost your photography skills. You change the camera resolutions, activate the self-timer and grid, and change the modes.

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Unlike its previous models, the TCL Flip Pro is one step above by presenting a voice assistant. Find out how to use your voice as a command in this chapter.

Furthermore, you can take advantage by using other apps as well such as calculator, gallery, clock, music, video, notes, FM radio, file manager, and radio.

Network & Connectivity

The main reason for having a phone is to connect and communicate with others. This chapter will give you full knowledge about the network and connectivity on the TCL Flip Pro. There is a guide to get connections by using a mobile network, it will tell you how to turn on this feature.

For non-data connectivity, users will be able to use Wi-Fi. Other than that, users can also connect with other devices or exchange their files with others by using the Bluetooth connection. It’s all in here.

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Personalize Your Phone

Do you want to change the language as your preference? Or, do you want to enlarge the font size of your phone? Go ahead. Read this chapter carefully to get some insights on how to do it.

Moreover, the chapter also contains the information to adjust some settings on your device. It included date & time, sounds, phone wallpaper, brightness, and screen timeout.


In the last chapter, we are gonna talk about the very important issues for a phone. It is the phone’s security feature. The TCL Flip Pro is fully aware of this and they give us some optional ways to boost the phone’s security.

One of the ways you can try is to lock the phone’s screen by using the passcode. You can learn how to do it here. You can also put more secure SIM card cellular data networks by using a SIM PIN. Importantly, with a KaiOS account, users can enable the Anti-Theft feature.

Download User Manual

There are still many topics and information that we didn’t mention in this summary. If you are curious about that and have some time to learn the device deeper, you can read this user manual.

Don’t hesitate to download the full document of the TCL Flip Pro user manual in the provided download link below. The manual will help you to enjoy the experience.

Download: TCL Flip Pro User Manual (PDF)

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