CAT S62 User Manual

The CAT S62 user manual is a great resource for new users to understand the device better than ever. Make sure to read this thoroughly and get some benefits from it.

CAT S62 User Manual

What do you usually do after unboxing a freshly new device? You may want to use it immediately and start operating the phone. But, little did you know there is a lot you should know before starting the device.

The CAT S62 is not a familiar smartphone brand. However, this phone offers more than you can imagine. Because of this, the CAT S62 user manual comes in the box for you to read. So, you will have some basic and advanced knowledge about it.

We already made a summary of the user manual just for you. In this, we hope you are gonna understand the overview of the whole document. We also provided the download link for you afterward.

Powering Your Device

In the first part, you will learn about how to turn on and off your device. To do this may sound easy but by checking out this part you will know how to do that properly. This chapter will tell you the buttons and the instructions you need to take.

Additionally, there are also some important notes for you to follow. It will help you to make the device easier and more accessible.

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Learn about the display layout by reading the following chapter. This chapter will give you information about the status bar that appears on the top of the phone’s display. Know about what the notification icons and status information mean, complete with the descriptions behind them.

Making A Phone Call

For most people, making a phone call is not a topic to learn about. But, the more information you get the better, right? You may find out something you didn’t realize that you needed before.

In this chapter, you will learn about how to make a phone call in three ways. They are with the keypad, from the contacts, and the call logs. It also will tell you how to answer, reject, and end the phone call.


Save and manage the contacts on your CAT S62 by looking into this chapter. You can learn how to add new contacts, make them to your favorite lists, edit the contacts, and delete the contacts.

Besides, you will also get some insights about how to copy the contacts from the SIM card, internal storage, and memory card. Backing up the contacts can also be found here.

Using Google Apps

The CAT S62 phone is an Android phone, so you are gonna use some Google apps on the device. To use Google apps, you need to create a Google account which is where you will find the how-to in this chapter.

After that, this chapter will discuss how to use Gmail, and access Google Play. You will also have some instructions on how to search the apps, and install/uninstall the apps as well.

Synchronizing Information

With the CAT S62, you can synchronize the information you have on the apps of the device. You can add, view, and edit the information on the other device by following the instructions of this chapter.

This chapter will tell you the knowledge you need. Included, manage your account, add and remove the account. You can also make customization to the account’s synchronization and make some settings.

Download User Manual

All of the above is a summary that you need to know about the CAT S62 user manual. As a new user of the CAT S62, you should read the full view of it. For doing that, we are already provided a download link for you. It comes in a PDF format, so you can learn anywhere and anytime.

Download: CAT S62 User Manual (PDF)

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