ZTE ZFIVE 2 User Manual (Tracfone)

ZTE ZFIVE 2 User Manual

ZTE ZFIVE 2 LTE user manual is worth to read during you first time using this model. It walks you through initial configurations, personalizing, and using the basic apps.

Sometimes, a user wouldn’t know what to do first when they take out a new phone from its box. We recommend reading the manual first, such as Tracfone ZTE ZFIVE 2 user manual.

Not only that it helps to understand every little thing inside your phone, it can also spare you from confusion during first time setup.

ZTE ZFIVE 2 LTE user manual is especially helpful because overall, its contents are written chronologically.

It begins with Getting Started. As indicated in its name, it helps you to get going since the very first time. Then the chapters gradually introduce you to the more advanced features.

Let’s check out what’s inside the ZTE ZFIVE 2 user manual:

Getting Started

As previously mentioned, this user manual starts with chapter Getting Started. Here, you learn all the initialization needed to get your phone up and running. It means installing the nano-SIM card, inserting a microSDHC card, and installing the battery.

About the battery, you will also learn about the proper way to charge it. Make sure to also not miss the tips about extending the battery life.

Next, you will still be guided when you turning on your phone for the first time. There’s a brief walkthrough for first-time use with the setup wizard.

Then you will see in the manual, an image of your phone’s front and back view, complete with a description for each part.

Home Screen is the starting point of phone’s apps, a pictured explanation of it is also available in the book.


To make your phone feels more personal, you can start by changing its system language if English isn’t your native. Then you will read about changing the date and time according to your time zone.

The section also includes changing the ringtone and notification sound, applying wallpapers, and choosing a theme. In a breeze, you’ve successfully transformed the brand new phone to a phone with a touch of your personality.

Lastly, do not miss a feature called Screen Pinning. It’s useful if you want to keep an app in view. It prevents others from accessing other apps and your personal information. They have to enter PIN or password to do so.

Knowing the Basics

If you are unsure about what a status bar icon means, this part is for you. Started with a table, you can see each of the status icons and their corresponding description. You will also read about each icon in the Quick Settings panel.

Chapter “Knowing the Basics” also covers apps organizations, such as arranging them and putting them into folders. There’s a brief guide in using the keyboard (entering texts, gesture typing, swipe keyboard). There’s also a guide for opening and switching apps.

Connecting to Networks

After going through with the basic, it’s time to connect your phone to the outside world. Learn about connecting your phone to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Furthermore, you can get more in detail with the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings. The section also covers connection with other devices, whether it’s via Bluetooth or via a USB cable.

Basic Apps

Now you can start using your phone. It means making a call, sending an email, adding a contact, and many more. Read about this section, where you will learn basic communication apps available on this phone.

Multimedia apps are also covered here, such as Camera, Music Player, FM Radio, and Gallery.

Pay attention especially in Camera, where you can learn some tricks to get the best pictures possible. The Gallery app comes with a photo editor. It’s also an interesting feature to learn.

More Apps

Utility apps have their descriptions in this section. Learn how to manage your daily activities with Calculator, Clock, and Calendar.

You will also read about Google Play and Google apps. There’s a step-by-step instruction to make a Google account, download an app, and install it.


This section covers configurations that haven’t yet to be mentioned previously. These settings include adjusting phone display, location service, storage management, and resetting your phone.

There’s also a part dedicated for Software Upgrade. One day if there’s an update released, you might want to consult this section.

Download User Manual

In conclusion, Tracfone ZTE ZFIVE 2 LTE user manual is truly an easy-to-read manual. It’s straightforward and doesn’t take too much effort to read.

There’s no need to read everything too. You can just focus on the important part. In the future, you can always come back if there’s an issue with your phone. Don’t forget to keep a copy of this manual.

ZTE ZFIVE 2 User Manual (853 KB)

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