AT&T Fusion 5G User Manual

Has some trouble figured out your new smartphone? This AT&T Fusion 5G user manual gives you plenty of information about the device that you need to know.

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There is always a spark of excitement every time we buy a new product. Reading the user manual is a very essential activity. You can find all the functions and features (even the hidden ones). It can also help to prevent the users from making any errors.

Luckily, the AT&T 5G user manual can provide all the information you didn’t realize you needed. It is very resourceful. It didn’t take so long since it gives a clear direction and is very easy to read.

Here is a short overview of the user manual document. Let’s take a glimpse of what’s inside, and you can download the full document afterward.

Getting Started

In the beginning, it is very important to know what a smartphone is first. This chapter will tell the readers every basic component of the device. First thing first, you will learn about the hardware parts and functions.

Moving on, you can read about setup information. It included installing a SIM/SD card, turning on and off the phone, and using the touch screen features.

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Basic Operations

This section contains the phone’s basic operations. Get basic knowledge about the home screen and apps lists, the phone setting menu, and the phone’s screen orientation settings. Easy tasks such as taking a screenshot and managing the apps and phone numbers can also be found here.

Furthermore, this chapter also gives information about creating a Google account, locking and unlocking the screen, and the status bar and notification settings.

Making Connections

What is the point of having a smartphone if you can’t connect with the world? This section is a go-to chapter for all the connectivity features. Take a look at the call and contact settings. You can also read about sending text messages or emails in this chapter.

Importantly, it provides all the information to connect with the internet, Wi-Fi connection, or Bluetooth. It even gives you a guide to access Google Chrome and Facebook.

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Apps and Entertainment

If you are looking for the entertainment features of the AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone, here we go. This chapter has comprehensive information about the camera and video features. You can understand how to take beautiful photos or record good videos.

Not only that, you can take a lot of advantage of the camera setting and edit the photos as beautifully as you want. Sharing the pictures and videos also can be easy by reading this chapter.

This chapter contains the information to use your phone as an organizer for productivity purposes. Read about the calendar, navigation apps, Google search, and alarm settings. Besides that, learn more about entertainment features such as Youtube in this chapter.


This chapter is all about the instructions you need to set up the phone and figure out all the options. You can learn to manage the network and any other connections such as VPN, Bluetooth, and USB cable, for starters. 

By looking at this chapter, you won’t get confused about managing the apps and phone notifications. It also gives you the information to adjust the display and sound settings or advance the phone’s privacy and security. 

This chapter also discussed the accessibility features to make a device easier for certain disabled users. The users can be more mindful about their device consumption by reading the Digital Wellbeing & parental controls in this chapter.

Download User Manual

After all, we reach the bottom by agreeing that the AT&T Fusion 5G user manual can be very useful. There are a lot of features and functions that can be discovered. If you want to read a full document, we provide the download link. Please read them carefully.

Download: AT&T Fusion 5G User Manual (PDF)

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