Cricket Icon 3 User Manual

The Cricket Icon 3 user manual contains starting guides and other information such as the phone’s features, settings, and tips. Make sure to read these helpful guides.

Cricket Icon 3 User Manual

Most people didn’t pay attention to reading the user manual after they bought a new product. It may seem unimportant, but this activity has a lot of benefits. You can gain product knowledge and information from this.

There are many kinds of features and settings hidden in your Cricket Icon 3 smartphone. By reading Cricket Icon 3 user manual, you can discover its function. So, you can avoid any unwanted device malfunctions.

We presented a sneak peek of the user manual. It will help you to have a better picture of what’s inside. We provide a download link below, and you can read the full document later on.

Getting Started

In this first section, you will discover a better preparation to know the basic phone operations. You will learn some steps to setting up your phone. It included navigating the phone’s parts and key functions and how-to-care for the battery.

It also contains information about installing a SIM or MicroSD card, using the touch screen properly, and completing the setup screens.

Basic Operation

Through this basic operation chapter, you can understand some essentials and simple actions to operate the device. The device may not have any advanced equipment, but it has a lot of useful functions.

You can find complete basic information about the home screen, setting menu, screen orientations, and phone applications. Besides that, you can also know how-to setting the Google account and customize the home screen.

Making Connections

The main purpose of a smartphone is to stay connected with other people. Whether it is by phone, messages, or the internet. If you need some guidance to make a phone call using messages or the internet, this chapter is the right section to learn about this. You can also learn to manage the contacts and use other connectivity features.

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Apps and Entertainment

How can you have fun with Cricket Icon 3 if you have no idea about what’s inside the gadget? This chapter will give you information about apps already pre-installed on your device and any entertainment features.

In this part, you will learn about what the camera of this device is capable of. If you want to take photos or record a video, you need to read this. You can also get some information to edit the photos or use the camera to scan QR codes.

The other things included in this chapter are the full knowledge to stay productive and organized by using the calendar, alarm, and navigating apps. Furthermore, you can also get the information to have entertainment.


Discover the phone’s settings and options in this chapter. The chapter contains the basic settings for using the network & other connections. With this, you can stay connected with others through internet connections. Or connected to other devices wirelessly.

Every smartphone has different settings. Get a deep understanding to set up the Cricket Icon 3’s battery, display, and sound through this chapter. You can also get some knowledge to advance privacy and security matters. Don’t skip this part because it is so important for you.

Do you also want to control the device’s consumption? In this chapter, you will also know how to utilize the digital wellbeing & parental controls features.

Download User Manual

That’s the sneak peek of Cricket Icon 3 user manual. After this, do you want to read the full document and better understand the product? Don’t worry. We provided the download link below for you so you can read this anytime, anywhere. It all takes one click.

Download: Cricket Icon 3 User Manual (PDF)

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