Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Phone Review

It’s not that hard to find an affordable yet easy-to-use phone. Read this Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA review to be your consideration before buying a new phone.

Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Review

Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA is an entry-level phone with a different name called AT&T Calypso. It is famously known as a budget-friendly smartphone with simple features.

It comes with a vibrant and lively 5.5-inch display, 2.500mAh battery power, and a 5MP front and rear camera. It may not be the best feature, but the camera is still doing its job.

No more talk. Let’s move to the Emblem Solutions U318AA LLC phone review to see the pros and cons of this phone, and you can see for yourself, “is it worth enough to buy?”.

Key Specs

Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA phone specifications:

Dimensions150.1 x 72.8 x 9.9mm
OSAndroid 10 Go Edition
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution960 x 480
CPU1.5GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MT6739
Battery2,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera5MP


Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Phone
Emblem Solutions U318AA Phone

The Emblem Solutions U318AA has a compact design measuring 150.1 x 72.8 x 9.9mm. The size fits perfectly with your hand since it’s small and lightweight. You are still able to use the phone single-handedly. You can also put the phone easily into your pocket or purse.

On the front side, Emblem Solution U318AA has an old design. It comes with a curved background, and the bezels are thick above and below the screen. The design is quite simple and nothing fancy.

An anti-slip cover was provided on the back cover to prevent accidental drops. You can see a basic camera with the logo on it. Meanwhile, there’s not much to talk about the phone’s build quality. Everything is made from plastic, except the screen that is made from a glass coating.

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Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Display

Emblem Solution U318AA comes with 5.5-inch and 960 x 480 display resolutions. It’s relatively small compared to other phones. It may not be comfortable to use for some people. Still, it will be pretty useful for others who are not gigantic-display fans.

Personally, we’re not big fans of the size. The phone is not ideal for multitasking since there is not much space for splitting apps. Stacking two apps at once is not recommended.

The display resolution is too low, which means you can’t enjoy the High Definition screen. It lacks sharpness and doesn’t have good contrast, too. We found it hard to use outdoors. It’s not under the sun-friendly.


Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Camera

For the camera, there’s a 5MP in the front and back of Emblem Solutions U318AA. You won’t find any flashy features like a dual camera from this phone. But, there is an LED flash to help take a picture in the dark.

The lower the camera quality, the lower we expect anything good for the results. The colors can appear washed out if the lighting isn’t bright enough. It also lacks focus, and somehow the object’s colors don’t pop up nicely.

However, several modes and ratios enhance the camera’s shot, such as a beauty mode to cover up the imperfections of the objects and activate the flash camera or any video recording modes.

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Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Side View

Emblem Solutions U318AA is equipped with only 16GB of internal storage. To be honest, we think it’s a small capacity to store your data, especially if you want to hold large files like games or movies.

Fortunately, you can choose external storage options to expand your memory. You can buy the SD card separately and install them on your phone. The SD card can help you store photos, music, and others.

Nevertheless, some app developers don’t allow you to store the applications on external storage due to privacy and security agreements. So, it’s still inconvenient to use.


Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA Back View

This phone runs on a MediaTek MT6739 with a Quad-core CPU and 1.5GHz processor speeds. It’s the cheapest one if you compare it with other CPUs. Since it’s a budget-friendly phone, performance isn’t the main focus of the manufacturers.

The RAM capacity is only 1GB, insufficient for high-performance seekers. We don’t recommend you open several apps at once because it can decrease your phone performance. The RAM doesn’t hold the apps for good. This phone is really prone to glitches, hiccups, and delays.

As for gaming purposes, the phone is not built very well. The CPU and RAM specifications are too low to install big-size games. However, lightweight games can be installed and enjoyed. So, you won’t miss any entertainment features.

You can also enjoy streaming, watching videos, or listening to music. You won’t find any struggles because those activities are not heavy and won’t take up much space.

The Emblem Solutions U318AA uses Android 10 Go Edition as their operating system. The OS was quite old since the latest version is Android 11. Nonetheless, considering this phone is low-specs, the Android 10 is suitable and easier to use.

Honestly, the Android 10 Go Edition is not a better version of Android 10. This version is specifically built for an entry-level phone with space limitations. Because it’s a packed version, it lacks some features, affecting the phone’s performance.

After all, the Android 10 Go Edition already comes with a load of pre-installed Google Apps, such as Gmail, Chrome, and Drive.

There’s nothing impressive in how the sensors operate in this phone because the Emblem Solutions U318AA has nothing to offer. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t provide a fingerprint sensor, even though the sensor is essential to add privacy and security.


Emblem Solutions U318AA can enjoy the 4G LTE network connectivity. The network can catch a good signal from anywhere since it’s available everywhere. If you cannot use the data connection, you can still connect using a Wi-Fi connection.

This device also provides Bluetooth features to easily use wireless external gadgets such as speakers or earphones. GPS features are available for navigation and finding location purposes, though it’s not the best.

Last but not least, a MicroUSB is available. Although it’s an old model, this feature can help you transfer data to/from a PC. Since it’s not a USB Type-C, don’t expect the speed transfer performance.


The Emblem Solutions U318AA is powered by a 2,500mAh battery. For us, the battery performance is so-so. It can manage 10 hours of talk time and standby time clocks at 500 hours, which is impressive. After all, this phone is a low-performance device. 

Unlike smartphones nowadays, this phone still uses a removable battery. Unfortunately, as for the charging, the Emblem Solutions U318AA doesn’t accommodate fast charging or wireless charging features.

A standard USB port is used for charging the phone. Due to its small capacity, the charge time is average. It doesn’t take much time.

Is the Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA a good phone?

The Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA selling price is only $39. In our opinion, the price makes sense and is affordable, considering it’s an entry-level phone with a low specification. Even though the phone is still missing some essential features, It’s quite alright for basic needs.

The highlight features of this phone are the design simplicity and the well-performed and long-lasting battery that has a standby time of up to 500 hours and 10 hours of talk time. However, the compromises come in the poor quality camera, the low performance, and the small internal storage capacity. That’s our final review of the Emblem Solutions LLC U318AA phone.


  • Simple design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Affordable price


  • Poor quality camera
  • Low performance
  • Small internal storage capacity
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