How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Samsung Galaxy phone screen that won’t rotate is a mere annoyance, that owner of the phone can deal it with their own hand by following this troubleshooting step.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Wont Auto Rotate

There are two possibilities when it comes to Galaxy phone screen that won’t auto rotate. It could be hardware or software related issue.

In the matter of hardware related issue, the only thing that phone owner can do is contact the phone carrier, or better, contact Samsung itself, where they can get professional assistance with this issue.

As for software related issue, there are several possible solutions to try. First of all, make sure that the “Auto Rotate” feature is on. To check whether this feature is enable or disable, follow the steps below:

  • Open notification panel by swipe down the screen.
  • Look for “Screen Rotation” that located on the Quick Toggles, on the very top of the screen.
  • If the feature is highlighted in yellow, it means that it already turn on, but if not, tap on it to enable it.

If the feature is on, yet the phone screen won’t auto rotate, then try to reboot the phone. Reboot the phone help to clear minor glitch or system crash that cause all sort of problem including make it won’t rotate.

That is why; rebooting the phone is one of the most popular troubleshooting guides for all sort of smartphone including this one. To reboot the phone, press “Power button” long enough, and then choose “Restart” option. The phone will reboot and clear this issue.

When phone owner has done both of it and still, the phone screen won’t rotate, and then they must acknowledge the possibility of hardware issue. Don’t try to solve this issue alone.

This is the time where phone owner have to contact Samsung service center just like mentioned before. Let Samsung technician work with the phone and hopefully they can fix it. New replacement is always possible, just in case nothing can be done with it.

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