How to Boot into Maintenance Boot Mode on Galaxy S8 / S9

Step by step how to boot into Maintenance Boot Mode on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9. Enjoy several available features in Samsung Maintenance Boot Mode.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Maintenance Boot Mode

In maintenance boot mode on Samsung Galaxy S8, you will find several features that allow you do to different things with your phone, mostly to fix some problems that troubled you. Those features are:

Factory Reset

Factory reset is when you reset your phone back to its factory setting. It actually wipes out the whole data and system that you add after you buy the phone in the first place.

Factory reset can be done when the issue in the smartphone is no longer fixable by any other method. It also recommended doing this action when you want to sell you smartphone, to make sure that the buyer won’t have access to your personal data.

Safe Mode

By entering safe mode, you can disable the entire 3rd party application that perhaps cause some issue in your phone when you boot it into normal mode. You can access safe mode from maintenance boot mode.

USB Debug Mode

Sometimes you need to flash a factory stock firmware to deal with the problem that happen because some 3rd party app or customization mod. You can use enter USB debugging mode from maintenance boot mode, and then enter Download Mode to flash the factory stock firmware.

samsung maintenance boot mode

If you think that you need to enter this special mode, then you can do it right now by following these steps. But, if you find that after a few tries you are still unable to enter this mode, then it possible that this special mode is not available in your Samsung Galaxy S8 version.

  1. Turn off the phone first and make sure that it has completely turn off before you move to the next step.
  2. When it already turn off, press and hold Power button and Volume Down button in the same time and keep doing it for several seconds.
  3. Do not let go of those two buttons when it get to the first Samsung boot screen and eventually the screen will turn black and enter the Maintenance Boot Mode. Only after it enter this mode, then you can release those two buttons.
  4. Now you enter the Maintenance Boot Mode.

In this mode, the touch screen will not work temporarily and you have to use Volume Up and Volume Down button to navigate through the available options and use Power button to select the option that you wish to do.

When you finish using this special boot mode, you can return to normal mode by choosing Power down options, where it will turn the phone off and you can turn it back on normally. Or, you also can choose Normal Boot option, where it will boot the phone back to normal mode.

The process itself is very simple and as long as you know what you are doing, then you will have your problem fix in no time and you can use your Samsung Galaxy S8 the way you want to.

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