Hot Pepper Jalapeno Flip Phone User Manual

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno user manual contains important information to make this device better. Improve performance and explore features with the manual.

Hot Pepper Jalapeno user manual

Mobile phones are essentially a bunch of software packaged into one tiny compartment. One perfect example is the Hot Pepper Jalapeno flip phone. It’s amazing to know that something so small is made up of highly advanced technology.

Oftentimes the case with present-day devices, there are newer specifications that we are unfamiliar with. It will require trials and errors before we could grasp all the functions of a mobile phone.

This is where a manual comes in. This document is the key to unlocking endless information to your phone-related queries and concerns.

Skim through the manual for a few seconds, and you’ll find all the answers you need. Check out this summary of the Hot Pepper Jalapeno flip phone user manual to have yourself convinced.

Extending the Battery Life

Active applications, screen brightness levels, Bluetooth usage can drain your battery. You can follow the helpful tips below to conserve your battery power:

  • Reduce the screen backlight time.
  • Lower the screen brightness.
  • Turn Bluetooth off when not in use.

Setting the Date and Time

  1. From the home screen, press OK key > System > Settings > Date & time.
  2. Set the date, time, time zone, and time format.

To adjust the date and time automatically, choose Network or GPS provided time in Automatic date & time option. To adjust the date and time manually, choose Off in Automatic date & time option and select Set date / Set time to change the date and time.

To adjust the time zone automatically, turn on Automatic time zone.

To adjust the time zone manually, turn off Automatic time zone and select Select time zone to set the correct time zone.

To adjust the time format, turn on or off Use 24-hour format.

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Checking Voicemail

If you have set the phone to divert calls to voicemail, callers can leave voicemail messages when they cannot reach you. Here’s how to check the messages they left.

  1. Press the Power/End key to access the home screen.
  2. Press and hold the 1 key. If prompted, enter your voicemail password.
  3. Follow the voice prompts to listen to and manage your voicemail messages.

NOTE: See Set Voicemail for how to set your voicemail service. For detailed information, please contact the service provider.

Using Options During a Call

During a call, the following options are available.

Select Options > select ‘Mute’ to mute your microphone.

Select Options > ‘Unmute’ to unmute your microphone.

Select Options > select ‘Speaker’ to turn on the speaker, select Options > ‘Phone’ to turn off the speaker.

Select Options > select ‘Start recording’ to record this call, select Options > ‘Stop recording’ to save this record of call.

Select Options > ‘Add call’ to make another call separately from the first call, which is put on hold.

When there are two calls in calling, Select Options > ‘Swap’ to put the caller you are speaking to on hold, and switch to the other call that has been put on hold.

When there are two calls in calling, Select Options > ‘Merge’ calls to merge the separate calls into a single conference call.

When there are two calls in calling, Select Options > ’Hang up all calls’ to end all the calls.

When there are two calls in calling, Select Options > ’Hang up holding’ to end the holding call.

Select Hang up (Upper right key) or press the Power/End key to end the current call.

WARNING: Because of higher volume levels, do not place the phone near your ear during speakerphone use.

Make a Wi-fi calling

You can use Wi-Fi to make a call or send message when the mobile network is not available.

Enable and setup by the following steps:

Enter Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced calling > Activate Wi-Fi Calling to enter Wi-Fi calling menu, turn on the switch, then input Emergency Location Information that Emergency 911 required. It should be your U.S. address where you want emergency services sent if you call 911.

Set Hearing Aids

Your phone supports the Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) function. When you turn on the hearing aid compatibility and use a hearing aid with a telecoil to answer the phone, it will help you hear more clearly during the phone call.

  1. From the home screen > press Send key to enter Call history app > Options > Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Check Hearing aids to turn on hearing aid compatibility.

CAUTION: Do not turn on the Hearing aids option unless you use a hearing aid with a telecoil. Using this setting without a hearing aid or with a hearing aid without a telecoil may be harmful to your hearing.

Download user manual

Well, that was as brief as we can be about the user manual. We highly encourage you to read the full guide first before making any changes to your device. For more detailed information and further instructions, download the full Hot Pepper Jalapeno user manual on the link below.

Download: Hot Pepper Jalapeno User Manual (PDF)

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