LG Journey LTE (L322DL) User Manual

Get to know the little quirks and oddities of your smartphone with a decent manual. Check out the LG Journey LTE user manual for all the details.

LG Journey User Manual

Smartphones are essentially a bunch of software packaged into one tiny compartment. One perfect example is the LG Journey LTE (L322DL) smartphone. It’s amazing to know that something so small is made up of highly advanced technology.

Oftentimes the case with present-day devices, there are newer specifications that we are unfamiliar with. It will require trials and errors before we could grasp all the functions of a smartphone.

This is where a manual comes in. This document is the key to unlocking endless information to your phone-related queries and concerns.

Skim through the manual for a few seconds, and you’ll find all the answers you need. Check out this summary of the LG Journey LTE user manual to have yourself convinced.

Gallery features

To see the photos and videos you’ve taken on your LG Journey LTE, you will need to access its gallery. But there’s more to that. On the same gallery interface, you can create movies on-the-go and make GIFs using recorded videos.

Besides that, you can manage all your files easily in the gallery. This includes adding, deleting, rearranging, and previewing files. Learn how to do all this by reading this brief section. Unleash your creativity by following the straightforward guidelines.

Running multiple apps

Certain situations require us to use two apps on the LG Journey LTE at the same time. This means we’ll have to separate the phone display into several windows. This is a hidden feature that’s oftentimes overlooked if we don’t pay close attention.

To activate the phone’s Multi-Window feature, check out what buttons to press on the manual. There are multiple ways to access the feature. Find out which method works out for you the best.

Parts overview

Get to know the basic components of your LG Journey LTE in this chapter. The manual provides a visual diagram that identifies each phone part. Every one of them is given a label so that you can fully understand the phone’s exteriors.

Some buttons on the phone can perform dual functions. However, one button must be combined with another. To operate these dual-function buttons, feel free to skim through this section to get your answers.

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Locking your screen

Screen locks is a common occurrence that happens when you leave your phone idle. Not everyone might be a fan of screen locks. You can manage your screen locks by referring to the LG Journey LTE user manual.

However, if you like screen locks and would like something different, you can opt for screen lock patterns. This chapter of the manual lists all available variations of screen locks for you to try out. Nothing beats a unique lock system to keep your phone all secured.

Handling app trash

App trash is something to consider with your LG Journey LTE. The reason is that app trash takes up your overall storage space. The lower the storage space you have, the slower your phone’s performance can turn out to be.

But if you’re unfamiliar with the term “app trash” and have no clue how to manage it, don’t stress. The manual will teach you everything from accessing app trash to restoring apps.

Setting up email

You don’t need a computer anymore to send emails. You can do the same thing using your LG Journey LTE. Before accessing the email function, you’ll need to set up your account beforehand. Please be advised that the phone can only accommodate certain types of email accounts.

Read the manual to get a better understanding of this matter. It lets you know what setting to access so that you can activate your email account. Sending emails has never been this simple.

Installing extensions

Extensions are a list of settings that you may find in your LG Journey LTE. Each extension is responsible for enhancing a certain configuration on your smartphone. This ranges from smart cleaning, shortcuts, and KnockOn. Take a look at this chapter to see what extensions you can switch on to spice up your device.

Download user manual

That concludes the summary of the LG Journey LTE user manual. If that’s not enough information for you, no worries. Be sure to click on the download link which leads you to the PDF version of the manual. All the necessary information you require is available for your personal use.

Download: LG Journey User Manual (PDF)

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