TCL 30 XL (T701DL) User Manual

Find out how TCL 30 XL user manual can help you get started with the phone. Read the summary and know what to expect before reading the manual.

TCL 30 XL User Manual

Reading a user manual might not be your favorite pastime, but it’s a helpful activity. If you have a smartphone like the TCL 30 XL, you’ll want to have a user manual.

This resourceful piece of documents does more than just explaining about your devices. It contains priceless precautions that you can take to prevent unwanted issues on your smartphone.

The best part? The TCL 30 XL (T701DL) user manual is written in an organized, technical manner. You’ll never find yourself lost in its sea of vast information and useful phone hacks.

Lock/Unlock your screen

To protect your phone and privacy, you can lock the screen with a Pattern, PIN, Password, registered Fingerprint or Face unlock.

To create a screen unlock, touch Settings > Security & biometrics > Screen lock.

To lock the phone screen

If your phone remains inactive for a period of time, it will automatically lock the screen and enter sleep mode to save power. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep and select a screen timeout period.

You can also manually lock the screen by pressing the Power key once.

Swipe to unlock the screen: Press the Power key once to light up the screen, swipe up the screen to unlock the screen.

Enter a password to unlock the screen: Once the screen is turned on, swipe up the screen to display the password input panel. Then enter your lock screen password.

Use pattern unlock: Draw the same pattern you have set to unlock the screen.

Use Face unlock:

• From the app list, touch Settings > Security & biometrics > Face unlock. Before using the face unlock, you need to set a pattern/PIN/password.

• Hold your phone 20-50 cm from your face. Position your face in the square shown on the screen. For best results, we suggest that the face key setup is completed indoors and away from direct sunlight.

• Enable Face unlock when your screen turns on, otherwise you will have to swipe up on the screen in order to unlock.

Use Fingerprint unlock:

• For the best result, begin with the index finger on your dominant hand.

• Put your finger on the sensor and lift after you feel a vibration. Keep lifting your finger to add the different parts of your fingerprint.

• Follow theses steps until fingerprints are fully registered.

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Personalizing your Home screen

You can touch and hold a folder, an application or a widget and drag the item to your preferred Home screen.


Touch and hold an item and drag it to the desired position and then release. You can move items both on the Home screen and the Favorite tray. Hold the icon on the left or right edge of the screen to drag the item to another Home screen.


Touch and hold the item and drag it up to the top of the remove icon, and release after it turns red.

Create folders

To improve the organization of shortcuts or applications on the Home screen and the Favorite tray, you can add them to a folder by stacking one item on top of another. To rename a folder, open it and touch the folder’s title bar to input the new name.

Wallpaper customization

Touch and hold an empty area on the Home screen, then touch Wallpapers to customize wallpaper.

Smart Manager

Smart Manager ensures your phone is operating in top form by automatically scanning and providing recommendations to optimize your phone to preserve battery levels, manage storage and protect against security threats.

Restricting auto-start apps can make the system run faster and extend battery life. To ensure applications that require push notification continue to work as expected, turn off Automatically manage to configure each applications individually.

You can also set some options manually for further optimization.

Download user manual

It’s always a good idea to have a user manual around you. If you like the summary, wait until you have the entire document. To access the full version of the TCL 30 XL (T701DL) user manual, it’s simple. Click on the download link, and the user manual is yours.

Download: TCL 30 XL User Manual (PDF)

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