TCL 30 V 5G User Manual

Get a better understanding of your high-tech smartphone. Spend some time reading the TCL 30 V 5G user manual to bring the best out of your device.

TCL 30 V 5G user manual

Manufacturers like TCL never forgets to include a manual for every product they sell. This time we have the TCL 30 V 5G user manual. It’s the official documentation for an TCL phone under the same name. It contains all you need to know in utilizing the device, from the essential features to more tricky configurations.

TCL is known for their readers-friendly manuals. This manual is no exception. Expect a manual that provides you valuable information, but without fancy technical words that will only confuse you.

If you’re a beginner in smartphones or TCL phones, this manual is the best way to start. Even if you are an experienced user, there is still something of value you can learn from this manual.

This is a user manual for TCL 30V 5G (TCL-T781S and TCL-T781SPP).

Your Mobile

Keys and connectors

Back key

Touch to go back to the previous screen, or to close a dialog box, options menu, the notification panel, etc.

Home key

Touch to return to the Home screen from any other application or screen.

Touch and hold to open Google Assistant. You can get help such as getting directions and restaurant information based on the content detected on the screen.

Recent apps

Touch to switch between recently opened individual app activities and documents.

Setting up your phone

Your phone already has a SIM card installed. For an optimal wireless experience, use the SIM installed in your new phone.

Insert the SIM/microSD card:

Step 1. If you need to replace the NANO SIM card and/or insert an optional microSD card, use the SIM tool provided in the box to open the SIM tray.

Step 2. Place the SIM card and/or microSD card into the tray, then slide the tray into the slot. It only fits one direction. Do not force into place. Keep the SIM tool in a safe place for future use.

Note: microSD cards are sold separately. Only use Nano SIM cards with your phone.

You must insert your SIM card to make phone calls. You do not need to power off your phone before inserting or removing the SIM card as this phone supports hot swap.

Your phone only supports nano-SIM cards. Do not attempt to insert other SIM types; otherwise this may cause damage to your phone.

Charge your phone:

Before turning on your phone, charge it fully.

Insert the small end of the USB cable into the phone. Insert the larger end into the charger and plug the charger into an outlet.

WARNING: Only use approved chargers with your device. Incompatible chargers or tampering with the charger port could damage your device and void the warranty.

Turn your phone on/off:

To turn your phone on, press and hold the Power/Lock button.

NOTE: The first time you turn on your phone, you may need to activate it. Follow the on screen instructions to set up your device.

To turn your phone off, press and hold the Power/Lock button, and tap Power off on the screen when it appears.

Home screen

You can bring all the items (applications, shortcuts, folders and widgets) you love or use most frequently to your Home screen for quick access. Touch the Home button to switch to the Home screen.

The Home screen is provided in an extended format to allow more space for adding applications, shortcuts etc. Slide the Home screen horizontally left and right to get a complete view.

Multimedia Applications


Before using the camera, make sure that you remove the protective lens cover to avoid it affecting your picture quality.

There are multiple ways to open the Camera app:

From the Home Screen

From the home screen, touch Camera icon.

From the Lock Screen

When the screen is locked, press the Power key once to light up the screen, then swipe left on the camera icon in the lower right corner to open the camera.

Using a shortcut key

Simply double-press the Power key to open the camera.

To set, touch Settings > Button & gestures > Power key > Quick launch camera.


Gallery acts as a media player for you to view photos and play videos. In addition, a set of further operations to pictures and videos are available for selection.

To view the photos you have taken, touch Gallery icon from the Home screen.

Working with pictures

You can work with pictures by rotating or cropping them, sharing them with friends, setting them as a contact photo or wallpaper, etc.

Find the picture you want to work on, and touch the picture in the full-screen picture view.

Album management

When there are many pictures and videos, you can manage your albums for convenient viewing.


You can play music files stored on your phone or microSD card.

To play a music file, swipe up on the Home screen, then touch Music icon.

While playing songs with Music, the operation of pause, play or skip is still available even if the screen is locked.

Download User Manual

At the end of the manual, you’ll also find the appendix. There’s also the warranty information. In short, this TCL 30 V 5G user manual is nothing but helpful. Make sure you have a copy by downloading it through the link below.

Download: TCL 30 V 5G User Manual (PDF)

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