Alcatel Pop Star 2 (A521L) User Manual

Alcatel Pop Star 2 user manual contains helpful instructions to get started with your new phone. Find out all the basics as well as more advanced configurations inside.

Alcatel Pop Star 2 User Manual

If you just bought TracFone Alcatel Pop Star 2, it’s better to take a look at its manual first. Alcatel Pop Star 2 (A521L) user manual is to clear your confusions regarding this model.

You might need help with setting up the new phone. The manual is a handy guide you can trust. It’s easy to read and you can find the information you need there.

Here’s what you will learn inside Alcatel Pop Star 2 manual:

Your mobile

In this first section, you’ll encounter basic explanations about the keys and connectors of Alcatel Pop Star 2.

There’s also a guide for getting started, from powering on your phone for the first time, charging instructions, and a brief explanation of the screens (home screen, lock screen, and app screen).

Text input

Next, it’s a short chapter about using the on-screen keyboard. Learn how to use the Android keyboard and its feature, such as Swype, where you can input a word with one continuous movement.

Other than that, learn about editing the entered text. For some people, using “cut”, “copy”, and “paste” is tricky on a phone. This is when a guide would be useful.

Phone calls

Learn the basic of callings here. The information available in this chapter include making and receiving calls, viewing your call logs, and voicemails.

Lastly, this section also explains about contact. Such as how to use your contact to directly access the call and message functionalities.

Messaging and mail

Read how to manage your messages in this section. Apart from the basic, there are also guides about using multimedia texts, delete old texts, and limiting text message.

In email, learn how to manage your Gmail account for your daily email needs. The native email app is also covered here. Learn how to set up POP3, IMAP or Exchange email accounts with the help from this manual.

Getting connected

Getting Connected shows you the essentials when it comes to connecting and browsing the internet. First, you’ll get a walkthrough of setting up cellular connection depending on your SIM card. It’s for mobile networks, if you prefer Wi-Fi, there’s also a helpful guide for that.

There’s also a guide for Google Play Store where you can download apps. Lastly, Getting Connected also covers connection via Bluetooth, computers via USB, and virtual private networks.

Read also:

Multimedia apps

Moving onto the entertainment section of this manual, Multimedia Apps covers Camera, Gallery, YouTube, and Music. Read about all the camera modes this phone offers.

Learn how to send your music from a computer with a USB. And once you open the music app, understand what each menu is for, with the help of this chapter.

Google maps

The popular navigation app got its own section on this manual. Learn how to get your location and use it to help you drive around the town.

You’ll also learn how to find public transportation route and walking route, as well as sharing your location with other people.


Section ‘Others’ covers other utility apps such as File Manager and Video Manager. Get to know what’s more your phone offers.

You’d be delighted that there’s still FM radio app which lets you listen to music like in the old days, something that’s rare in today’s streaming era.

If you’re interested in productivity apps, read how to take notes with Notes app and record a voice note with the Sound Recorder.


Section ‘Settings’ explains about configurations available on the Settings app. First, you’ll read how to access this function from the menu screen. Afterward, you’ll encounter instructions on personalization, networks, and the device setting in general.

Pay attention to some unique features such as Hybrid Downloads, where you can access many downloadable contents whether it’s music or movies. Another feature worth to learn about is Gestures, where you can mute, switch music, and lock/unlock with a certain movement.

Download user manual

The sections explained above will enough for you to get going. You can skip the last pages of Alcatel Pop Star 2 (A521L) user manual if you want.

The last two sections are optional. There, you will find information about upgrading and safety. Read when you have more time, you might find something useful.

Download: Alcatel Popstar 2 User Manual (PDF)

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