Samsung Galaxy A20 User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual is a complete guide containing technical and non-technical information for its users. Find out what is written inside the user manual here.

Galaxy A20 User Manual

There’s this little book that comes with Samsung Galaxy A20. It contains information about the phone, from technical details to legal information. Yep, the book is called the user manual.

Reading the manual before operating your Samsung Galaxy A20 sounds too much work, especially if you’re already familiar with smartphones. However, you will miss some useful information if you decide to skip it.

To make it easier for you to read Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual, here’s the summary on what’s inside the manual:


The first section you’ll see in the Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual is its features.

This section briefly highlights the phone’s unique features: camera, security, expandable storage, and night mode. It also tells which page you should open if you want to know further information about those features.

Getting Started

Every basic instruction to operate Samsung Galaxy A20 can be found in this section. This section starts with an illustration containing each name of the device’s body parts.

It can help you get to know which key is the power key or the volume key, or which slot is the card slot or the charger slot.

Your phone won’t work correctly without a nano-SIM card. To get to know how to insert a nano-SIM card, you can read this part. This part also tells you about charging the battery, so you’ll know how to charge your phone safely.

After inserting the nano-SIM card, you can turn on the device and navigate it. You can also customize the home screen to your taste, such as changing the wallpaper or putting your favorite apps.

You can open multiple apps at the same time by using the multi-window feature too. Learn how to do these in the Getting Started section.


The next section is all about apps. This section covers everything you would like to know about using and managing apps on your phone.

You’ll read tutorials on how to uninstall or disable apps, search for apps, sort apps, and create a folder to organize app shortcuts on the home screen.

Don’t skip this part if you are wondering why they are some pre-installed or preloaded apps on the devices. This part can satisfy your curiosity by telling you short but complete explanations about the pre-installed apps.

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You should give this section extra attention as it contains essential tutorials on how to manage and set your phone.

The previous sections have already taught you about some basic settings. However, this section will tell you further about them and any other setting that you haven’t learned yet.

The first information you’ll find in this section is about connecting your phone. The smartphone isn’t smart enough if it can’t connect to the internet.

Learn how to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi or mobile network here. Besides, you can also learn about Bluetooth, VPN, mobile hotspot, and Ethernet.

Next, you’ll read the instruction about sounds, notifications, and display configurations. If you want to mute your phone or change your ringtone and notification sound, you can find how to do those here.

If there are disturbing apps that keep alerting you, you can learn to make them stop doing that here. If you feel like the screen is too bright, or the size of the font is too small, you can read how to change those here.


In this part of the manual, you’ll also find out complete information about one of Samsung Galaxy A20 special features: security. It is called biometric security. It can give a unique transition effect for the screen. You can learn how to enable this security in here.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to backup and restore your data. You’ll be informed about a way to reset your phone and to check for an update of the software.

The device can also be customized for those who need help seeing and hearing. Thus, it can be adjusted for more comfortable viewing and hearing. Read this part to know how to do that.

Download User Manual

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual covers information that you need about the device. Try reading it if you have free time.

It might only provide the basics, but you’ll find useful tips and tricks in it to help you use your phone easier and more convenient.

Download: Galaxy A20 User Manual (PDF)

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