ZTE Majesty Pro Plus (Z899VL) User Manual

ZTE Majesty Pro Plus user manual is worth sparing a few minutes to read it. You can take a glance on its quick settings, or dig deep into the advanced configurations.

ZTE Majesty Pro Plus User Manual

TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Plus (Z899VL) user manual is stuffed with more than enough information. Instead of blindly tinkering your new phone, it’s better to read this manual first.

For a start, you will read chapters about initial configuration. As you progress, you’ll notice that the topic gets more advanced. The similarities between the two lies in its writing style.

However, both are easy to understand. So, whether you’re reading the basic sections or the advanced ones, you’ll never get lost in confusing technical words.

Here are the features explained in the ZTE Majesty Pro Plus manual:

Getting started

Before getting too far, you need to set up your phone first. It means inserting the SIM card and the memory card on their right slots.

Next, you’d want to make sure the battery works well. Read about how to charge the battery properly. As an addition, you can also read tips on preserving your battery life.

Customize your phone

Adding a personal touch to your phone is made easier with helpful guides from this section. Whether it is about changing the appearance (wallpapers or themes) to customizing how’s your phone would sound, this section will get your back.

Knowing the basics

Know what all the icons mean by reading their description on the section called “Knowing the basic”. You will see a table explaining the status bar icons, notification icons, and other indicators.

The section also talks about shortcuts and widgets. If you want your phone to be easily accessible, you can arrange your favorite app into these shortcuts and widgets.


You need to attach your account if you want your phone to function. Creating an account is especially important if so you will be able to download an app or syncing your email.

If you don’t know how to do it, this section happily guides you. You can also learn about account synchronization here.

Emails and Messaging

Learn anything about sending an email or a text through this chapter. You will read various tips, from setting up your first email account to adding a signature to your emails.

The basics, such as sending, receiving, and opening an email, are also explained here.

Read also:


This specific section focus on the multimedia features of this phone. Learn how to take a picture, choosing whether it will be saved in the memory card or internal storage, and accessing it through the gallery app.

Learn various shooting modes available on this model. There are Panorama, HDR, and Timelapse. There’s also a special mode called multi-exposure. With it, you can take multiple photos at once and creating them into a collage. Do not miss the tutorial here in this chapter.

More apps

Basic utility apps such as Calculator and Clock are covered here. Here, you learn how to access downloaded files through the Downloads app.

ZTE is equipped with a file manager app. The guide for the manager app is available in this section. Other apps included here are Wi-Fi utility, Sound Recorder, and Google apps.


Settings covers configurations such as network connection (Wi-fi or mobile data), device pairing with Bluetooth, and using VPN or Wi-Fi direct.

Aside from network, read about display settings. Here, the manual also explains how to adjust your screen brightness, setting it to an automatic mode, and applying a screensaver.


Troubleshooting section is another proof why you need to read the manual. It’s not impossible that you would encounter a problem along the way when using this phone. When it happens, this section is whom you can consult.

Among common problems listed here are the battery that’s not charging, unable to connect network, and poor reception. There’s also a solution when you forget your PIN and is unlocked from your own phone.

Download user manual

There’s no reason for you not to read ZTE Majesty Pro Plus (Z899VL) user manual. There is so much a user can learn here. Even if you already know many of the basic, you will be surprised because you would still find some hidden tips.

If you still have time after reading the main sections in the manual, you can continue reading the upgrade chapter and the safety information.

Download: ZTE Majesty Pro Plus User Manual (PDF)

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