ZTE Max View (Z610DL) User Manual

ZTE Max View user manual is recommended to read especially after you got a new phone. Packed with information, read to get the best experience your phone can offer.

ZTE Max View User Manual

When a new phone is finally on your hands, reading its manual probably is not among the first thing you do. You’re more likely to get impatient and just play with the phone.

However, consider reading TracFone ZTE Max View (Z610DL) user manual first. Inside you’ll learn everything you should know about this model.

This includes several configurations to get started. Slowly, you’ll also discover secret tricks, hidden settings, and advanced configuration.

More, there’s recycling information for when you decide to say goodbye to your phone. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab a copy and read.

Getting Started

Here, readers start the manual by inserting the SIM card and the memory card in their respective slots. Make sure you follow through its advice such as using the right type of SIM card and using the available tray eject tool.

Getting Started also provide instruction on battery related initial configurations. Learn what is the best way to charge your phone. Pay attention more to some notes and warnings. This section is helpful in making your battery lasts as long as possible.


Personalizing includes steps of changing your phone’s system language, setting the Date and Time, and changing the ringtone and notification sounds.

That’s not enough to make your phone more personal. Hence afterwards you’ll read about applying a wallpaper of your liking, setting the theme, and playing around with transition effect. If you like to do a makeover to your phone, this chapter is for you.

Knowing the Basics

So, what are those status icons means? Get the answer by reading this particular chapter.

Monitor your phone status by understanding what each icon indicates of. There are a lot to figure out, from status icons, quick settings icons to notification icons.

Connecting to Networks

The basic about network is explained here. Read about connecting to mobile data, WI-Fi, and a Bluetooth device. This chapter also tells more than just internet connections.

It contains tips on controlling mobile data use, such as enabling roaming preference, switching from one type of network to another, and turning off data while phone is on sleep mode.

Phone Calls and Contacts

You might already know about how to make a call or how to add a contact. But this chapter is worth at least a quick glance. You’ll learn many other things, such as features you can access in your call history.

There’s also specific information such as using fixed dialing numbers, setting Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) tones for your SIM card, and enabling enhanced LTE services.


This section helps you find your way through the internet by mastering Browser app. Learn about the basic of web browsing such as opening a window, entering address, and creating a home page.

If you often have difficulties downloading something from the internet, head to this section’s final part. There’s a guide about downloading files here.

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Camera is one of the important features a phone has. It is also the one you’d probably use the most.

Get better at taking pictures by studying this part thoroughly. You’ll learn about shooting modes, recording a video, accessing your gallery, and many more.

Make sure you don’t skip the tutorial for bokeh effect. Just find this specific feature when you read about the camera’s portrait mode.

More Apps

These are the app covered in this section: Calculator, Clock, Downloads, File Manager, Wi-Fi Utility, and Dolby Audio.

You might want to focus to this phone’s special feature, the Dolby Audio. Learn how to activate it to enhance your phone’s audio quality. You can also learn to customize the Dolby feature here.

Download User Manual

Sections above are not the only thing you can read in ZTE Max View (Z610DL) user manual. The last part of the book is filled with additional information such as general settings, software upgrade guide, and the safety guide.

In the end, with all the knowledge you just acquired, you’ll agree that reading a manual is something worth doing.

Download: ZTE Max View User Manual (PDF)

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