Motorola Moto G6 User Manual

Motorola Moto G6 user manual is the handy guide you need when you’re trying to unravel this amazing phone. Inside, there is complete information on its menu and features.

Moto G6 User Manual

If you just bought Moto G6, congrats, you just got yourself a nice phone. Don’t forget to check out Motorola Moto G6 user manual before everything else.

The guidebook of Motorola Moto G6 is what to need to understand features on this phone.

There are many ways to read a manual, you can read it from the beginning. In this manual, you can check the table of content and jump right into the section you need.

What you will learn from Moto G6 (XT1925DL) user manual:

Check it out

The catchy title does sound inviting to “check it out”. But this section is actually a compact version of the table of contents. It contains for the most important parts of the manual.

Included here are Quick Settings, Camera, Personalization, and Wi-Fi. In the digital version of the manual, you can click through the link and jump into the section.

Get started

The first actual section shows you the first look of the phone. It will guide you through the startup process and telling you about the basic features.

You’ll read about turning on and off the phone as well as inserting the SIM Cards and microSD card.

Everything is explained with pictures, so even a newbie would not get much difficulty in understanding the instructions.

Getting connected

As the part of Getting Started, the manual also instructs you to sign into your Google account.

Afterwards, you’ll learn about connecting to Wi-Fi and mobile networks. This section does serve as a quick guide to get your phone to function in no time.

Learn the basics

In this chapter, readers will learn about the phone screens. Starting from Home Screen, what you will learn here is how to open app list, activate Google Assistant, and using the voice search.

Make sure to check interesting features of Moto G6 such as Screen Search, Speak (Google Assistant features), and Picture in Picture.

If you’re a total newbie when it comes to Android, there are explanations for each menu and features on the home screen. Make sure to also learn about notification and status icons, which are also covered here.

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Customize your phone

Customization is the fun part of having a phone. You don’t necessarily have to do it to get your phone to run well, but it’s nice anyway. This chapter teaches you how to redecorate your home screen and lock screen.

Widgets and apps appearance are also covered here. Learn how to group apps, add widget, and resize or move a widget.

You can also customize sounds and notification. Here, audio settings explained include setting up ringtones, adding vibrates, and activating Dolby sound.

Apps & more

This section contains the pre-installed apps of Moto G6. These apps include Phone, Messages, Chrome, and Camera.

In Phone, it’s explained here all you need to know about calling. Whether it’s making one or answering a call.

You will also learn useful tricks to make calling easier. One of those tricks is how to use the contact widget so you can call someone from the home screen.

Moto G6 camera is packed with features that it can be confused for some people. Don’t worry, this manual will walk you through each of the camera features.

Listed in a table, you’ll learn about Face Filters, Slow Motion, and Group Selfie. Also included here are HDR, recognition features, assistive grid, and many more.

Moto features

These special features are definitely not to miss. In this section, learn about Moto Key, where you can securely log on into your phone. Moto Display comes with features such as Night Display and Attentive Display.

Meanwhile, Moto Voice is some kind of Motorola digital assistant. Lastly, check out Moto Actions section, where you can learn to enhance your phone with gestures and actions.

Connect, share & sync

The last section covers all the configuration in the Settings apps. That includes a thorough guide to connect your phone to either a network or other devices.

You’ll also learn about security in a detailed manner. From screen lock to factory reset.

Download user manual

That’s the information from Motorola Moto G6 (XT1925DL) user manual. In general, the manual is easy to read and covers every Moto G features.

If you have a problem, you can head to the troubleshooting section to find a solution. There’s also “Get More Help” page if you need further assistance from Motorola.

Download: Moto G6 User Manual (PDF)

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