Alcatel Volta (5002R) Review: Face Unlock and Google Assistant Button

Looking for a budget phone? Read this Alcatel Volta review to know the details of this entry-level smartphone that focus on modest specs and simple design.

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The Alcatel Volta smartphone was released in May 2021. It has simple specs without any complicated features, making it a practical choice for entry-level users.

The phone’s exterior has a 5.5-inch display and 1.5GHz Quad-core Mediatek MT6739WW as the processor. It’s far from perfect, but this smartphone is quite okay since it specifically aims to do non-heavy activities.

However, the Alcatel Volta comes with several downsides. It doesn’t have a dual-camera like today’s smartphones. We also didn’t find a fingerprint reader, which is, for us, very essential.

For more pros and cons, we give the Alcatel Volta review (5002R) for you to know the device better.

Key Specs

Alcatel Volta (5002R) specifications:

Dimensions146.3 x 71.6 x 9.9mm
OSAndroid 10 Go Edition
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution960 x 480
CPU1.3GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MT6739WW
Battery3,000mAh, Lithium-Ion
Rear camera5MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFace Unlock, Google Assistant Button

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Alcatel Volta
Alcatel Volta

The design of the Alcatel Volta smartphone is nothing extravagant. It has a rectangular design, and somehow, it reminded us of the old-style smartphone. Coming at 146.3 x 71.6 x 9.9mm for its dimension, this phone is well-shaped. It is convenient for everyday use.

The front side is surrounded by bezels. The top and bottom parts come with thicker bezels. We don’t spot a notch here. The front camera is tucked right on the top of the phone. Further, you can spot the home buttons on the display screen, not on the bezels. In our opinion, it’s not a wise choice since it consumes a lot of screen space.

The backside of the phone houses the camera, LED flash, and logo. Unlike any other smartphone, there are no fingerprint readers on the back. It’s such a disadvantage because it means no extra security for this phone.


Alcatel Volta Display

The phone comes with a 5.5-inch display. It’s smaller than its peers. For some people, it may feel strange to hold this smartphone. The Alcatel Volta only has 960 x 480 qHD display resolutions. As you can see, it’s not even a full-HD resolution. We think the display quality is below the expectation.

The resolution is lower compared to the other phones on this day. We spotted that images and icons are not sharp and don’t look smooth. The color of the pictures will be less accurate. The texts are also blurred on their edges and make it difficult to read.

The Alcatel Volta’s display brightness also struggles when using the phone outside. The brightness is so poor and hard to adapt to its surroundings.


Alcatel Volta Camera

The Alcatel Volta has a single rear camera with 5MP resolutions for taking pictures. The camera comes with LED flash support. As the selfie camera, the smartphone also only offers a 5MP resolution. The setup is the bare minimum for us.

The picture quality is not that impressive, but it’s still okay for taking everyday pictures. After all, the camera specs are fitting for an entry-level smartphone. Due to its low resolutions, the camera struggles to capture in a dark environment. However, you can use the LED flash to improve the camera output.

The Alcatel Volta provides a 5MP front-facing camera. Considering the price points, it is not bad. They also offer camera features such as portrait mode, beauty mode, and wide selfie. The smartphone lets users record a video with 1080p video quality.

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Alcatel Volta Right Side

The Alcatel Volta is equipped with 16GB of internal storage space. The space is not enough since the available storage is lower than 16GB. This is because the smartphone already comes with preloaded apps installed.

However, there is an option for expandable external storage. The smartphone allows you to expand the external storage up to 128GB. It’s more than enough to store multimedia files or install apps. To do this, you need to insert a MicroSD into the Alcatel Volta phone.

Remember that you need to prepare for additional expenses since the MicroSD isn’t included with the smartphone.


Alcatel Volta Left Side

The Alcatel Volta is running on MediaTek MT6739WW processors. We’re not surprised since the processor is typically common for a budget phone. However, the Alcatel Volta is a decent performer for everyday activities.

The CPU of this device has 1.5GHz and is paired with 2GB RAM. In our opinion, it is a good setup for an entry-level smartphone. The Alcatel Volta is still comfortable for social media, chatting, or browsing the internet. 

Unfortunately, the performance is limited for heavy and intense tasks. Playing big games or online shopping can take so much effort. The lags will come noticeable. As an advice, it’s important to clear the RAM regularly.

With this amount of RAM, it allows you to handle multitasking smoothly. Especially when you are switching between apps. It is also possible to stack two apps on one screen.

The Alcatel Volta uses an Android 10 Go Editions as its operating system. In this OS, the unnecessary features are removed. As a result, the internal storage will be more spacious and less bloatware. It makes the phone more efficient and lighter. 

The user interface of Android 10 Go Editions is easy to use. It also improves launch time to be faster and smoother. Some important Google apps are already pre-installed, such as Google Assistant, where you can do tasks only by voice command.

The Alcatel Volta has several standard sensors. Among them there are ambient light sensors and accelerometer sensors. We also find the compass and proximity sensors on this phone.

However, the Alcatel Volta doesn’t come with a fancy feature. You won’t find a fingerprint sensor which is a drawback. Without this feature, the device will be less secure and inconvenient. For security purposes, you will have to depend on face unlock, password, pattern, or PIN codes.


Like most smartphones today, the Alcatel Volta is supported with a 4G LTE network. This network has a wide-range coverage area and a speedy internet connection. It also offers a seamless and clear call experience. Alternatively, you can use Wi-Fi connectivity if your phone’s data connection is unavailable.

Another available network feature is Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is still using the older version of 4.2. But it is still dependable for everyday use. The Alcatel Volta also features a Micro USB and GPS. Although, it lacks some of the latest features, such as the NFC and USB Type-C connection.


The Alcatel Volta has a 3,000mAh battery to rely on. The battery uses a Lithium-Ion type. In our opinion, the capacity is quite big for an entry-level smartphone. You can expect the battery to power up for one full day of the performance. But, it also depends on how much screen time you spend.

The charging process is done through the Micro USB port available at the bottom of the device. Charging time is pretty average, too. It took 3.5 hours to be fully charged. As we expected from a budget-friendly phone, wireless charging and fast charging aren’t available for this phone.

Is the Alcatel Volta a good phone?

The Alcatel Volta was truly made for beginners. It has basic and modest functionalities that are easy to use for some people. There is nothing special about the appearance and specifications. However, for the price at $40, it’s still considerable.

In this Alcatel Volta (5002R) review, we have mentioned several features that are quite okay to look for. Let’s say the large battery capacity, the Android 10 Go Edition as their operating system, and simple specs.

We also find some weak points here and there, such as the camera quality, a limited internal storage space, and the lack of fingerprint sensors. In conclusion, if you are looking for a simple smartphone for daily tasks only, the Alcatel Volta is a good choice.

Alcatel Volta Pros

  • Large battery capacity
  • Lightweight OS
  • Budget-friendly

Alcatel Volta Cons

  • Limited internal storage
  • Low camera quality
  • No fingerprint readers
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