BLU View 2 (B130DL) User Manual

Is your phone acting up again? Manuals are here to the rescue. Take a look at our Blu View 2 user manual. Be sure to download it if you’d like.

BLU View 2 User Manual

Phones are developed with a whole set of unique specifications. Certain devices even have custom-designed features that are not available on any other phone.

To get a good grip on a phone’s specifications, we’ll have to rely on a trusty manual. It’s a basic document that helps you make the best out of your device.

Some manuals are short and brief, while others long and wordy. Whatever they’re like, manuals help you get through any possible phone issue. Not all phones share the same kind of issue. Therefore, the only guidance you could depend on is your manual.

Getting a tiny bit curious? Be sure to read the Blu View 2 (B130DL) user manual to attain the crucial guidelines you need.

Understanding the basics

The first thing to do after taking out your Blu View 2 smartphone? Turning it on. Before you could press on the power button, check out the manual. There are several precautions that users should take for a successful activation.

The next few pages provide you with a gist of the phone’s interface. They specifically cover the lock screen bar, navigation bar, and notifications bar. Smartphones come with a variety of screen interfaces, including this device. To better understand this phone’s main display, this section is available for reading.

Making calls

The main function of a smartphone is to call someone. If you’re stuck with the Blue View 2’s dialing interface, you can read the instructions provided by the manual. It specifically discusses the call functions provided by the device. You can also learn how to alter your call log by just simply checking out this section.

However, it would be impossible to make a call without having any contacts. The manual gives you a brief explanation on how to add and edit contacts to your liking. If you have never saved a number on your Google account, there’s a helpful tip that you can follow before doing so.

Activating Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

If you have Bluetooth headphones or speakers lying around, connect them to your Blu View 2. But if you have never used Bluetooth before, there’s a step-by-step guideline that you can follow in the manual. Pair your devices with minimal issues.

Some people like using data connections, others rely on Wi-Fi. When you’re tight on data connection, no sweat. All you have to do is switch on the Wi-Fi function, as explained in the manual.

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Setting up your Gmail

Like a majority of smartphones, this particular device can access your Gmail accounts. Gmail is a very flexible email service that’s adaptive to almost all devices. Follow the instructions as mentioned in the Blu View 2 user manual to open your Gmail account on the phone. There’s even a picture that exposes you to the different types of inboxes available.

Taking pictures

Your Blu View 2 can be used to take photos. This section of the manual provides you with tips and tricks on capturing decent shots. But before you press on the trigger button, there is one important precaution you will need to check out. This will make sure that you don’t lose any of your precious memories on the phone.

Checking the time

Time is of the essence. Users can now stay punctual with the Blu View 2’s smart clock feature. The manual helps you identify where the alarms are located. It comes with screenshots of the alarm interface to confirm you’re on the right page.

If you’re always going from one place to another, you’re going to experience different time zones. This section teaches you how to view time zones from other countries or cities.

Configuring settings

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that your Blu View 2’s settings match your preferences. A phone’s setting options can be very extensive. This is because these settings cover almost every aspect of your phone’s software.

You’ll never get confused with these things once you check the manual. The phone’s settings have been neatly summarized. This allows users to get a good gist of what each setting controls do, and where you can access them from.

Download user manual

That sums up the things you need to know from the Blu View 2 user manual. Need more helpful information? We got it all handled. Make sure you click on the download link to the full version of the manual. Keep this document in your pocket, and you’re all set.

Download: Blu View 2 User Manual (PDF)

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