LG Stylo 5 (L722DL) User Manual

Make sure to read the LG Stylo 5 user manual before you start using the device. Find useful guides inside. Download via the link for the PDF copy.

LG Stylo 5 User Manual

Imagine if there is no complete guide to every aspect of your new products that are fresh from the box. It’s confusing and so clueless, right?

A user manual is your go-to guide to every question about your new product, in this case, is an LG Stylo 5 (L722DL) user manual. The moment you have the LG Stylo 5 in your hand, don’t be in a hurry.

Have a seat and take your time to read the user manual first while exploring the phone at the same time. This user manual can be an assistant and it can help you prevent making a fatal mistake.

Below, we provide you with a summary of the user manual. Hopefully, it can give you some knowledge about LG Stylo 5.

Custom-designed Features

In the very first chapter of the user manual, you will get some information about the special features that LG Stylo 5 offers for you.

This chapter is all about advanced technology such as the useful stylus pen to make your work better. Also, some sophisticated camera, and gallery features

Beside that you can learn how to keep your phone safe and sound by using the two kinds of recognition, plus the multitasking features. Interested in those parts? Just keep reading the first chapter to use all the features properly.

Recognition Feature

Say goodbye to the passwords and patterns phone lock. LG Stylo 5 lets you secure your phone with fingerprints or face recognition. Learn these features in the recognition chapter and keep your phone secure with an easier and safer way.

Basic Functions

Ah, how can we talk about the advanced features before we understand deeply about the basic one? As the name stated, in this chapter we basically will serve you some information about the basic functions.

You better read this very carefully because it’s essential. It may seem a little bit easy to understand. But, if you do not follow the basic instructions and do not use the phone properly you will face an unwanted situation.

In this chapter, you will learn about the product components and accessories as well as how to use them right. You will also get some tips on how to use your phone battery efficiently in this chapter.

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Useful Apps

There are a lot of apps installed right after you open the LG Stylo 5 phone for the first time such as messages, phones, camera, music, gallery, and so many more. But, if you need to add more interesting apps you can directly download your favorite apps from Google Play Store.

In this chapter, you will also get some knowledge about how to install and/or uninstall your apps and manage the files from the File Manager. You can also make your smartphone experience smoother by using the Smart Cleaning feature.


So, you already know the features and functions of your new LG Stylo 5 but still have no idea how to set or configure them all? Don’t worry. Just like we say, LG Stylo 5 user manual is here to guide and help you.

In the Setting chapter, you can learn how to set all the features and functions. For example, if you are having some trouble connecting to the internet, you can directly go through this chapter and learn. Or, if you can’t find a way to share or transfer some data to another gadget, you can come to the chapter as well.

The chapter also allows you to make some privacy configurations for the smartphone by giving you the knowledge and all kinds of security you can consider to use.

Lock Screen & Security

The security of your LG Stylo 5 is important. Learn about all kinds of protection and security in this Lock Screen & Security chapter. Make sure to read this chapter thoroughly, so you can get extra protection when it comes to your smartphone and private information.

Download User Manual

That’s it. That’s a little summary of the LG Stylo 5 user manual for you. If you are eager to know about the full documents. Here, we provide you a link to download the pdf file. Read the document and explore the journey of LG Stylo 5.

Download: LG Stylo 5 User Manual (PDF)

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