LG Reflect (L555DL) User Manual

LG Reflect user manual content summary and download link. Find out what knowledge you can gain after reading it. Discover tutorials and guides inside.

LG Reflect User Manual

Manufacturers like LG never forgets to include a manual for every product they sell. This time we have LG Reflect (L555DL) user manual. It’s the official documentation for an LG phone under the same name.

The user manual contains all you need to know in utilizing the device, from the essential features to more tricky configurations.

LG is known for their readers-friendly manuals. This manual is no exception. Expect a manual that provides you valuable information, but without fancy technical words that will only confuse you.

If you’re a beginner in smartphones or LG phones, this manual is the best way to start. Even if you are an experienced user, there is still something of value you can learn from this manual.

Custom-designed Features

LG Reflect comes with quite a few exciting features. And you don’t have to flip many pages in the manual to find out about them. This chapter is the first one you’ll encounter when reading the manual.

Titled under “Custom-designed features,” you might already guess that this is where the highlights of the phone are discussed.

Start with the special camera mode called Portrait. Having a picture taken with bokeh effects seems to be the trend lately. You can easily achieve this result using LG Reflect. It requires a bit of setting, which the manual happily provides.

Another feature worth checking is the Google Assistant. Learn how to activate the smart assistant and do a task using a voice command. Also, activate the fingerprint recognition so your phone is more secure. In the manual, you can find the tutorial in the last part of this section.

Basic Functions

A new user who’s about to set up the phone for the first time should consult this section. Here is where the basic knowledge for LG Reflect is written. The information available includes parts overview. It’s where you examine the phone’s components and their purpose and usage.

Readers will also see the SIM card and battery guide. Learn how to insert the SIM card and charge the battery. Once you finally turn on the phone, flip to the part where the manual explains the Home screen layout. You will also learn about touchscreen gestures here along with notifications and the Quick Settings menu.

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Before the manual goes explaining the apps available on LG Reflect, you will see a preface about app installation. It starts with tutorials on installing and uninstalling apps. There are other settings too. Make sure to read about app management features such as App trash and Apps shortcut.

Afterward, you start reading about apps. From the communication apps to miscellaneous ones, LG Reflect user manual packs every category of apps in this one section. Communication apps include Phone and Messages. Meanwhile, multimedia apps such as Camera and Music also have their own sub-sections.

There are some apps worth checking out here, such as LG custom apps. QuickMemo+ and Smart Cleaning are the few examples for LG apps. The manual also provides explanations for readers who want to know about Google apps.


For phone configurations, this section is the one you can refer to. Tweak your LG Reflect (L555DL) so it behaves as you want it to. In Sound, learn about adjusting volume, setting up the notification tone, and many others. The Display sub-section provides tutorials related to the screen such as adjusting the phone’s brightness.

In Network & Internet, learn about connections available on LG Reflect. Read about Wi-Fi and its extended features. You can also consult about setting up mobile data and turning the Airplane mode on. Explore less-known features such as Wi-Fi calling and Bluetooth tethering.

And that’s not all you can find in the Settings section. Other topics include Accounts, Battery, and Storage settings. In addition, you can read about accessibility and software upgrades in the last part of the section.

Download User Manual

In conclusion, LG Reflect user manual is a reliable document you can have as a personal guidebook. It’s a comprehensive document to consult about most settings on LG Reflect. You don’t have to read every page.

Read through the index to find the desired topic you would like to read. But first, download a copy via the link provided here. It would be great if you also share the link or this article with your friends on social media.

Download: LG Reflect User Manual (PDF)

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