Samsung Galaxy A21 (S215DL) User Manual

To help you explore your phone to the fullest, this Samsung Galaxy A21 user manual contains essential information as your guide. A PDF download link is also available.

Samsung Galaxy A21 User Manual

Every year, every phone manufacturer releases phones with cutting-edge technology. They usually implement these new features in their flagships.

Fortunately, these features will get passed down to lower level phones, including Samsung Galaxy A21, as the time goes by. Lower-end phones have been receiving miniscule to significant updates in both hardware and software areas.

Just like any other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy A21 has its own distinct characteristics. These may confuse new users who never used a Samsung-made phone before. Everyone needs a new start and it may look like a tough mountain to climb.

In order for you to get familiar with this phone, you should read this Samsung Galaxy A21 (S215DL) user manual thoroughly. By reading this user manual, we hope you will be able to navigate your phone by yourself in the safest possible way.

Getting started

As soon as you buy this phone, you should learn about its layout. You need to get familiar with its physical features so you will not press the wrong button and avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Beginners sometimes do not know how to maximize their phones. They sometimes are clueless about their phone’s capabilities. This chapter will help you get to know your phone better.

Set up your device

Every phone needs a SIM Card in order to send and receive calls or texts. Phones will become almost useless if we are not connected to a carrier.

You should read this chapter thoroughly to find out how to insert and eject a SIM Card. The SIM Card tray is fragile so you need to be extra careful.

Charging your phone is also essential as it needs electricity to function. Do not skip the tips because you will learn a lot about how to charge and treat your phone’s battery carefully.

Start using your device

This chapter is full of tips and tricks about your phone inside-out. You will learn how to adjust your device’s basic settings according to your liking. Furthermore, your device is equipped with strict security measures. Learn how to implement them by reading this chapter.

There are also sections that will maximize your Android experience such as adding a Google account and setting up a voicemail. Android’s user experience can be confusing, especially to beginners and elderly people. This chapter will teach you some gestures to help you explore the Android world.

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Customize your home screen

Your home screen is where your activities start. Through this chapter, you will learn how to add your favorite apps and widget to your home screen. This is very helpful for those who do not want to get lost in the midst of icons.

Moreover, you can also learn how to apply your favorite picture as a  wallpaper. If you are not satisfied with how your home screen looks, you can always adjust the settings. This Samsung Galaxy A21 user manual also contains detailed descriptions of each feature displayed in your home screen and notification panel.

Camera and gallery

Your phone is equipped with five cameras. Each module has its own function and it may confuse a lot of people.

Learn how to operate your phone’s cameras properly so that you will be able to take high-quality pictures. Configure the shooting mode and determine the ideal modes for your photos.

This chapter will help you view all your visual media files stored on your device. You will learn how to view, edit and manage them.


One of the best things about Android is that it is an open environment. You have a vast variety of apps from thousands of software developers from around the world.

In this chapter, you will learn how to install and remove these apps. Your apps have their own settings that you can adjust yourself. This chapter has explanations of each option and will teach you how to modify them.


Again, Android is a quite complex operating system. If you do not be careful when navigating your phone, the outcome can be damaging. However, you do not have to worry about that because this chapter has the ultimate descriptions and tips on how to maximize your phone’s potential.

Download user manual

Those brief introductions to each chapter are just a small part of this Samsung Galaxy A21 user manual. You can check out the full document by downloading the PDF copy. The link we have provided for you in order to read the complete guide.

Download: Galaxy A21 User Manual (PDF)

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