LG Classic Flip (L125DL) User Manual

Have a better phone experience with LG Classic Flip user manual. Discover tips, guides, and tutorials in an easy way. A download link is available.

LG Classic Flip User Manual

As one of the biggest phone manufacturers, LG also sells flip phones. One of them is LG Classic Flip (L125DL) and it also comes with a user manual.

This user manual is what you need to read if you aren’t familiar yet with a flip phone. Especially with an LG phone, you can expect to find interesting stuff inside the manual.

LG Classic Flip user manual consists of short chapters that won’t consume a lot of your time. Flip through the pages and read the easy-to-read guides and instructions. Even a non-techie beginner will feel welcomed by the uncomplicated of the writing.

Here’s what you will read in the LG Classic Flip user manual:

Parts Overview

When you flip open the phone, you will see a lot of buttons on the keypad. This section will explain what each button is for.

Aside from the keypad, the manual also includes an explanation on other ports and other components, such as the camera and microphone. This section is where you start your journey with the phone.

Getting Started

Here, you will read a clear instruction on how to set your phone from scratch. This section starts with the battery installation.

Every step comes with a helpful illustration. Afterward, the manual shows ways to charge the battery and how to finally turn the phone on.

Quick Access

LG Classic Flip comes with convenient features that you can access with minimal steps. These features include Screenshot, Quick Volume Adjustment, and silent mode (Sounds Off). Read about them and several other features in this section.

Among the interesting ones is the Recent apps feature. Just like in a smartphone, you can access a recently opened app with a certain key. Find out how to do it, also in this section.

Voice Commands

Another interesting feature available on Classic Flip is the voice command. This section will explain all about it.

Start with the tutorial on how to activate the smart assistant. Then learn how to use it to do a certain task. Also, find out what the voice commands can do to make your life easier.

Read also:

Communication apps

The communication apps on LG Classic Flip user manual spread through three sub-chapters: Recent calls, Messaging, and Contacts.

Since LG Classic Flip is a basic phone, this section shows its most important features. Learn all about calling and texting, along with contact management functionalities.


Improve photo quality with the camera by learning about features on the camera app. And there’s no better way to learn the camera other than through this section.

The camera on LG Classic Flip may not be a fancy one, but discover hidden features such as Resolution and improving the brightness. You can also learn about video recording here.


This section contains information regarding utility apps on LG Classic Flip. Once again you will read about Voice command. This time the manual provides a more thorough guide on every command available.

Other tools apps covered here include Voice recorder, Calendar, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Calculator. You will also read about Notepad, File manager, and Voice memo. Find out how to use these apps to help you with daily tasks.


Here, learn how to use wireless & network menus such as Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and VPN. Then there are settings for notifications, display, security, and storage. Phone menus and configurations that are not mentioned in other sections are finally explained here.

Settings also cover Accessibility features. Find what keys to press to activate Readout. Learn how to make the font larger. This part of the manual also shows how to use the Hearing aid feature.

In short, LG Classic Flip (L125DL) user manual is beginner-friendly, but still thorough and informative. There’s no reason not to read them. Keep a copy at hand for when you need it again.

Download through the provided link. After reading, let us know what you think about it through the comment section below.

Download: LG Classic Flip User Manual (PDF)

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