How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone Call Volume Too Low

Learn how to fix the low volume on a call on a Samsung Galaxy phone. Some users complain that they have really weak volume during a call.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Volume Problem

Some people who use Samsung Galaxy phone had reported that they have problem with the volume when they make a call. Some of them complain that they have really weak volume during a call. This problem could disturb the conversation during a call and makes phone’s users uncomfortable.

Some people found that this problem is caused by their microphone that make their voice couldn’t be heard clearly on the phone call. Other people found that they could not hear the other caller because the phone speaker is not in good condition.

There are some options to overcome this problem. One of them is using a Bluetooth headset. This is useful to let you know whether the problem is caused by hardware volume or not.

If the Bluetooth headset could give a fine volume in your call, it may be a hardware problem is causing your phone call volume is too low.

Other way you can do is turning your phone speaker on during a call. Please tap the speaker icon at the bottom left of your phone screen to get the higher volume.

Other than those options, there still some potential solutions to fix this problem. You have to ensure that there is no any object covering your phone speaker or microphone, like debris or dust, or others.

To get the right volume during a call, both of speaker and microphone must be clean. So you can try to clean them with compressed air or soft brush then see whether the problem is fixed by this cleaning.

The next is to set the volume setting accordingly. You can tap the Volume Up and set all of the volume levels after you see the volume bar on the screen. And the other option is tapping the Extra Volume option during your call. You can try it by looking for the phone icon in the middle and find Extra volume underneath that you can tap on it.

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