Samsung Group Play Alternative for Any Android Device

Try several alternatives that will be as good or even better to replace Samsung Group Play. Try them on your Android and enjoy the new experience.

Android Phone Group Play

When you hang out with your friends, there will be time when you love to share things you love such as music. The fun in sharing music is something that can be enjoyed by anyone whenever hanging out with friends. Users of Samsung have the application called Group Play.

This is a very useful application that will let nearby friends to play music on all devices and then convert the connected devices into a group of virtual stereo system. It is capable of supporting a maximum of eight Samsung Galaxy (Galaxy S4 in particular) devices with at least Android 4.2 to share the music in real time.

This application is considered being brilliant and a lot of people praise it. However, Samsung decided to abandon the application. Nowadays, the application is no longer available in new Samsung devices such as Galaxy S6.

The application somehow becomes exclusive item on Galaxy S4. That being said, there’s no need to feel overly upset about it. Try several alternatives that will be as good or even better to replace Samsung Group Play. Take these alternatives into consideration and try them.


chorus app

The first application as alternative of Group Play is called Chorus. This application is capable of bringing the Samsung Group Play functionality to any Android devices with at least Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

If your friends have iOS device they can install Chorus on their device too. So you have a truly universal Group Play alternative now!

This is a free application that can be downloaded by every user of Android device through Play Store or via Apple App Store for iOS user.

How to Use It:

  1. Install the application on the Android devices.
  2. Create a username and then tap the blue button called “Host”. The application will then ask you to create a hotspot or connect by using any available WiFi connection.
  3. Make a playlist by adding the desired songs and then tap the check mark that can be found on the right corner to start playing music.
  4. The music player can be scrolled in order to get “Chorus ID”.
  5. Open Chorus from other devices within the reach of WiFi or hotspot range and then tap ‘Join’ and enter Chorus ID to get in synch.

Music Pool

Music Pool

Next is Music Pool that will be capable to work similarly to Samsung Group Play, to play music wirelessly through WiFi. The layout of the application is considerably ugly. However, the functionality is really good.

The devices with this application are capable of not only sharing music play but also acting as loudspeaker. It’s as if you have portable speaker in addition of the personal music player. If there are several devices with this application, one device can be set as music player while the others will be the loudspeakers.

How to Use It:

  1. Install the application directly from Play Store. It’s available for free.
  2. Give a nickname to it in order to broadcast its name to other devices.
  3. Tap play button and there will be a list of songs available to be played. Simply mark the songs and then hit play button.
  4. Devices with this application activated will be synchronized automatically.

Sound Seeder

Sound Seeder

This application allows you to listen to your favorite music and synchronize the music you play with other devices by using WiFi. The application runs in two different versions and can be downloaded from Play Store for free. The first application (SoundSeeder Music Player) runs on at least Android 4.1 while the other one (SoundSeeder Speaker) runs on at least Android 2.2.

The free version of SoundSeeder connects to two speakers for up to 15 minutes as often as you want to. To connect SoundSeeder to further devices simultaneously or for longer than 15 minutes you can upgrade SoundSeeder via an In App purchase.

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