How to Fix LG G4 / G5 Problem: Half Screen Glitch

One of the problems found by people who use LG G4 / G5 is the problem on the screen. It is reported that there is a case where the screen is splits vertically and one half sticks while other changes when it scrolled down or up.

LG G4 Half Screen Glitch

It separates and there are two halves screen viewed on the phone. This problem is quite serious because it distracts the screen and users cannot use the device normally.

It make the users cannot text a messages or read it, cannot see any pictures or doing other functions on the phone.

It needs solution so that the screen back to normal and the screen doesn’t split again. There some options to overcome this splitting screen problem that temporarily could solve the problem or permanently overcome it.

One of options you could do to overcome your splitting screen problem is by restarting your LG G4 device. After you restart the phone, you might find that the problem is solved, although it maybe only a temporary solution. Splitting screen problem probably going back again.

It is a worthy thing to try because you can use it in important occasions. You can use that option when you urgently need to use your phone but the problem comes suddenly. To get non temporary solution, you need another option to overcome your splitting screen problem.

Other option to overcome this splitting screen problem is by using the software fix from LG. This is possible for you because there is a chance that LG will put that software fix automatically over the air (OTA). You can wait for that software fix and use it while it already available for your LG G4.

If those options cannot help to overcome the splitting screen problem on your phone, please ask help to your carrier, retailer, or LG.

You can ask help and get the replacement handset there. Feel free to write on comment section below if you have another solutions for this problem.

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