How to Fix Your LG V20 that Won’t Turn On

Find out the best troubleshooting action that you can follow to bring your LG V20 back to life when you find that it won’t turn on for no apparent reason.

LG V20 Wont Turn On

What are you going to do if one day you find that your LG V20 won’t turn on for no obvious reason and no sign at all? Finding out the real cause is the first thing to look for, so you can find the right solution.

If you are unable to find the cause, then you can try these solutions, where one of them may work for you.

An Android smartphone that won’t turn on is a problem that happens not only on LG V20 but also to other phone as well. It happens for some reasons and it may happen to you too. There is no need to be panic when it happens to you because for every problem there is solution.

When you find that you can’t turn on your LG V20, stay calm and try to tap the phone screen. Double tap on the screen and if it’s not working, try to power it on with Power button, just like when you want to power on the phone.

Still not working? When it’s not working, then you can proceed with other solutions such as:

1. Charge the phone

The most obvious thing to try is to charge the phone. It is possible that the battery was really drained out and no more power left on it. Charge the phone with the original cable and USB Charger. If the phone shows the sign that it was being charged, then it is a good thing.

Let the phone be and try to power it on later when the battery is full. If there is no sign, then you may want to check the USB charger and the cable. Try to use different charger and different cable, just in case there is problem with those two.

2. Boot to Recovery Mode and perform Factory Reset

If charging the phone doesn’t work, then try to boot it into Recovery Mode. If it manages to boot to recovery mode, try to reboot back to normal mode. If it’s not working, perform factory reset. You can boot your LG V20 into recovery mode by:

  • Press and hold “Power button” and “Volume Down” button.
  • Wait until LG logo appears on the screen. Release the “Power button” only just for a second and then press it back again.
  • The “Factory Data Reset” option will appear. Use “Volume Down” button to highlighted this option.
  • Press “Power button” to select the option.
  • Confirm it once again by choosing “Yes” and wait until it complete the process.

3. Contact professional technician

If nothing works, then it is time for you to bring your phone to professional technician and let them check the phone.

If you are not so sure to perform any troubleshooting action on your own, then you can take the phone to authorized technician and let them do the proper action. If your phone is still under warranty, then you can have it check and repaired for free, and you can have your phone back.

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