Samsung Galaxy A51 (S515DL) User Manual

Never underestimate the importance of a user manual. Take a look at Samsung Galaxy A51 user manual to discover the best way to use your phone.

Samsung Galaxy A51 User Manual

When unboxing a new phone, taking a look into its manual is probably something you would skip. But we recommend the opposite for a feature-packed phone like this Samsung Galaxy A51.

Samsung Galaxy A51 (S515DL) user manual is a solid document. Whether you’re just starting with the phone, or an old user coming back to check a feature, this document always benefits its readers.

For beginners of Samsung phones, enjoy various introductory contents. Further, the content can get more advanced as the pages go. Discover tips and tricks, surprise features, and thorough technical settings. The manual will assist you when exploring every feature available on this phone.

Enjoy our sneak peek below. When you’re ready, you can download the manual and have a PDF copy you can access anytime.


This section contains the highlight of this manual. It showcases the best features of the Samsung Galaxy A51. Among the first mentioned is mobile continuity, about which details you can learn more in a specific chapter later on.

Then you will read about Biometric security, another level of phone security offered in this model. Samsung also does not forget to include its Bixby, the smart assistant. This section concludes with an introduction to the built-in dark mode.

Getting Started

Chapter Getting Started caters to inexperienced new owners. It includes a device layout introduction, followed by a basic tutorial in charging. Afterward, new owners can start following the guide on the first-time setup.

Even advanced users can also benefit from this chapter. Learn about the new parental control feature, navigating the Edge screen, and using Emergency mode. You’ll also read about customization, such as setting up wallpaper and choosing a theme.

Camera and Gallery

The amazing 48MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy A51 would be a waste if you don’t know how to use it. This is why the Camera and Gallery section is a must-read. Apart from learning the basics of photo-taking, you will also explore various shooting modes available.

The camera has plenty of modes that your old phone may not have. Modes like Super Slow-mo, Scene optimizer, and super steady may sound unfamiliar and confusing. But here, the manual got you covered.

The Gallery app also provides several post-processing functionalities. Learn how to edit a video and create a movie straight from the app. You don’t even need to install a third-party video editing app.

Mobile Continuity

Mobile Continuity is an interesting feature you might not find on other phones. With it, you can switch doing a task from the phone to a compatible computer. Learn how to play around with this unique feature in this chapter.

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Samsung Apps

It’s not a Samsung phone without a load of custom apps from the brand itself. You may either love or hate these apps, but it’s always worth knowing what Samsung offers here.

In this section, you will read about AR zones, an augmented reality app. Then you can pair your smartwatch with Samsung Health, and for other smart devices, learn about SmartThings. In this particular model, be ready with some unique apps.

Other Apps

Samsung Galaxy A51 also packs built-in apps from third-party developers. Since it’s an Android phone, a complete set of Google apps is also available. Learn about them in this chapter for details and usage.

Other than that, get to know some pre-installed Microsoft apps like Outlook, LinkedIn, and Office. This section also covers apps from carriers such as 1weather.


This is the part of the Samsung Galaxy A51 user manual where you can consult technical matters. Need to know how to use the NFC? head to subchapter Connections. Want to activate face recognition, head to the Security section.

Other topics covered here are Backup, Accounts settings, Accessibility, and Customization. Not the most fun part of the manual, but it’s safe to say Settings is probably the most important section.

Download User Manual

Through a bit of sneak peek, the Samsung Galaxy A51 user manual has proven itself to be a valuable source of information. It is packed with both essentials and extras. A must-read for every user, read the full document to learn more. Get the PDF copy through the link below.

Download: Galaxy A51 User Manual (PDF)

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