How to Send Group Texts Between Android and iPhone Device

How to get group texts on Android from iPhone, how to send group texts from Android and iPhone, best group texts messaging app over the Android and iPhone.

Android Phone Group Text

Group texts messaging is very useful if we want to send text messages to many people. With a single send, we can get respond as well to discuss with many people. Group Texts is perfect when we wanted to plan something with a lot of people.

However, this Group Texts messaging is not really works well when it used over the Android and iPhone. The following are explanations on how to overcome this problem immediately.

You can resolve this problem by avoiding using regular text messaging to send the Group Texts. It requires you and the group of people that you want to have chats to find a specific application that all of you are agree to use it.

There are some suggestions on which app you could use to have comfortable Group Texts messaging over the Android and iPhone devices.

Group Texts Alternative: Google Allo

Google Allo is a smart messaging app that makes your conversations easier and more expressive. It’s based on your phone number, so you can get in touch with anyone in your phonebook. And with deeply integrated machine learning, Allo has smart features to keep your conversations flowing and help you get things done.

Group Texts Alternative: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is really a great messaging app that allows you send Group Texts message easily including photos, videos or other files in it. It is also quite popular application that may your friends on your group may also already download and install it into their phones. You can download it for free at Play Store and install it on your phone. Your ID is simply using your phone number that make you have WhatsApp account easily.

Group Texts Alternative: Facebook Messenger

You can use an app that available group chat feature like Facebook Messenger. This is quite a realistic and simple option because there are many people who are already have a Facebook account. It is possible that all of members on your group may be easily agree to use Facebook Messenger to have discussion in a group because all of them already have the account.

Group Texts Alternative: BBM

BBM is one of group messaging app that you can try so that you can have group conversation simply in one window. This app is famous for its cohesive and advanced multi-platform messaging client on the market as it can do groups text messaging, voice, and video calling with screen share. It is available for Android and iPhone and connect both of them easily.

Group Texts Alternative: GroupMe

GroupMe is one of a unique group messaging feature that you can try so that you can have group conversation comfortably. This app is available for free and you can use it for group texting or individual texting to all of your friends. It also works on almost every phone via push or SMS.

Group Texts Alternative: Skype

Other group messaging app that you can try is Skype. This app is famous for its video chats feature. However, this app also has good Group Texts messaging feature. This app is also very popular, your friends within the group may already have it installed in their phone device. It could easily to be installed on a various devices like tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, and other devices that support it.

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