LG Rebel 2 LTE User Manual (TracFone)

LG Rebel 2 LTE User Manual

LG Rebel 2 LTE user manual provides users with basic information and guides in setting up the phone, also a good reference for anyone not familiar yet with LG phone specific features.

It’s always a good idea to read the manual before using a new phone. In the case of LG Rebel 2 LTE (TracFone), the affordable phone is packed with features not available in other brands.

Knock Code or Knock On might sound strange to you. This is where the manual can help. LG Rebel 2 LTE user manual helps you get familiar with these features.

LG is known for its simple yet thorough manual. The manual is divided into several sections. You don’t have to read all the pages. Just glance into the table of content to find a specific feature you want to figure out.

LG is truly practical in creating their user manuals. To make everything easy, pictures are used to explain the functionalities better. Menus and buttons are described and explained in the table diagrams. There’s also an appendix in the back of manual.

Here are functionalities covered in the LG Rebel 2 LTE (TracFone) user manual:

Features you will love

When you first open the manual, this section is what you will see. Called “Features you will love”, LG highlights its best features on this section. Here, you will get introduced with Quick Share, a way to quickly share your photos right after you took them.

LG’s notepad QuickMemo+ is what will you see next. The advanced note-taking app is equipped with features not available in regular note apps, such as image management and screenshots. Learn how to use each of menu available by reading this part of the manual.

The last part teaches the user how to use Knock ON and Knock Code. It’s LG’s way of locking and unlocking your phone.


Basics section contains several sub-parts explaining the basic features of your phone. In Device Layout and Accessories, this part explains the layout of your phone, such as what the buttons are and what is their function.

LG Rebel 2 LTE comes with Travel Adapter, USB Cable, and Battery inside the box. You’ll get the description of each of these accessories here.

After introducing you with the hardware, this section also explains the software. Learn how to navigate the phone with the touchscreen. Get familiar with Home Screen, Lock Screen, and App Screen.

If you haven’t created a Google account, the Basics section will guide you to set up for one. If you have, there’s also a guide to sign in to an existing account.

Basics section also explains how to take a screenshot, insert and remove an SD Card, use the on-screen keyboard, and transfer data between a PC and the phone using a USB cable.


Here, you will be guided through all things about apps. Such as how to install and uninstall them, how to view their details, and how to use Google Play. There are also guides for built-in Calls, Contacts, Messaging, and Email apps.

In the Camera Apps section, a picture diagram will help you understand what the buttons are on your camera’s viewfinder. Learn also about taking burst shots, interval shots, and gesture shots.

The section also does not forget Multimedia apps, such as the music player and FM radio. Basic utility apps are also included. Clock, Calculator, Calendar are a few among many.

Lastly, the section provides a brief description of Google apps. LG Rebel 2 LTE is equipped with standard Google apps such as Drive, Maps, and YouTube.


To further customize your device, the Settings menu is what you’re looking for. The manual also covers this specific aspect of your phone.

No need to be confused about setting up your network, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Everything is explained with great detail here.

You can also read about tinkering your Display setting. Whether you want a certain brightness of text size, an easy how-to is included.

Setting up sound or notification is also a breeze, as well as tuning the GPS and turning on the power saving feature. An instruction about back up and reset is also available in this section.

Downlod User Manual

In conclusion, LG Rebel 2 LTE user manual is an easy-to-understand manual anyone can ask for.

In the last page, there is basic info such as the phone’s model, software version and update, and the phone’s safety information. Reading this manual is recommended if you want to understand your phone better.

LG Rebel 2 User Manual (5 MB)

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