Huawei Sensa LTE User Manual (TracFone)

Huawei Sensa LTE User Manual

TracFone Huawei Sensa LTE user manual comes as a useful handbook you can read, whether when you just bought the phone, or have had the phone for some time but you need to check something.

In 2016, Huawei released a low-range phone but with more than decent specification. Called Huawei Sensa LTE, the phone is equipped with 5,5″ HD display, fingerprints features, and a quad core processor.

If it’s the first time you buy a Huawei phone, reading the manual is almost a must. Huawei does have some features distinct from its counterpart such as Samsung or LG. It might get some times to get used to them. During the transformation from one brand to another, the manual could be your best friend.

Fortunately, Huawei Sensa LTE user manual is nothing but easy to read. They are separated into several parts, and it will be easy for you to find the help you need.

From the easiest part, such as turning on and off your phone, to a more advanced one such as doing a factory reset. The manual will get you covered.

These are what you can read in the TracFone Huawei Sensa LTE user manual:


In the Unboxing part, it’s like a manual for you when you first open the box and take the new phone out. You will get a detailed explanation of what each part is and what is its function.

Get to know where the speaker is located, as well as the slot for SIM Card, Memory Card. There’s also a bot of advice regarding battery, how to charge and when to charge your phone.

Initial Setup

The first time you use a phone, there are some configurations you need to do. In the case of Huawei Sensa LTE, setting up WiFi and configuring your fingerprints are among the important ones.

For connecting internet, there’s also a guide about using mobile data. If you don’t know how to do these initial configurations, you can refer to the “Initial Setup” section in this manual.

Getting Started

Starting from locking and unlocking your phone, Getting Started covers the next thing you can do steps after configuring the initial setup.

This section walks you through the Home screen, fingerprint recognition features, Notification, and taking a screenshot.

Getting Started also covers personalizing, such as changing the theme, the wallpaper, and assigning a ringtone.

Calls and Contacts

In Calls and Contacts, you will read a thorough explanation of this phone’s very basic features. You think you know everything about Calls and Contacts, but it’s possible you miss certain functionalities. Don’t let that happen by reading this part of the manual.

Included in this section are managing calls, contacts, viewing call logs, and many more.

Messaging and Email

Whether you need a handbook about sending a message, searching for one, or managing all the messages in your phone, this section contains detailed information about all things texting.

Email is also included. You will read about adding your email account, how to change and personalize an account, and a special explanation if you have Exchange account.


Camera section starts with a picture of your phone’s camera viewfinder. Each menu and button comes with a description. The next thing you’ll learn is how to take a picture with each of mode, shooting a video, and scan a QR code using your camera.

Music and Video

The good old music player is still available at Huawei Sensa. You can even add a song from your own collections. Read all about it in Music and Video.

Accessing the Internet

A more thorough explanation about connecting to the network which hasn’t explained yet in the Initial Setup section. All the connectivity configuration are covered here, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct.


The rest of the configurations that haven’t yet covered in other sections, they can be found in Settings. There’s a guide for using GPS, configuring display settings, Sound and Notifications, and screen unlock.

Setting up your Google Accounts and syncing accounts are also covered here. As well as personalization for Date, Time, and System Language.

Download User Manual

So, those are useful information you can read in Huawei Sensa LTE user manual. The last part of the manual includes accessibility, for those of you who need more help (Text To Speech, Magnification, etc).

There’s also an index, which helps you go to a part you want to read without much fuss. In conclusion, this manual is worth to read and to keep for later use.

Huawei Sensa LTE User Manual (14 MB)

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