LG Rebel LTE User Manual (TracFone)

LG Rebel LTE Manual

TracFone LG Rebel LTE user manual provide users with useful information regarding setting up your phone for the first time, installing an app, configuring GPS and networks, and many more.

Among so many reasons to keep a phone’s user manual at hand, the most important is to have a quick guide should you need help with your phone. Whether you need it the first time you take out your new phone from a box, or after some times of use, always keep your LG Rebel LTE user manual at hand.

Speaking of the phone itself, LG Rebel LTE is quite a reliable phone. This model is released in 2016 and is equipped with high-end specs on a budget price. The user manual will help you navigates between the features offered.

LG Rebel LTE user manual is detailed and comprehensive. But it’s separated into several categories so you won’t get overwhelmed when reading it.

It’s recommended to check out the index first before reading. Sometimes you only need to read a certain part instead of reading the whole book.

Here are the sections inside the TracFone LG Rebel LTE user manual:

Features You Will Love

Before everything else, LG put the highlights features first on a section called “Features you will love”. If you haven’t heard about LG’s Knock Code or KnockOn features, this chapter will walk you through them.

Also included in the chapter is Capture+, a feature on this model that allows you to take notes during a call.


In Basics, the manual describes each of the phone’s parts and components. There’s a diagram about the phone’s layout as well as explanations on each the accessories.

Apart from layout descriptions, there are also guides on how to insert the battery, SIM card, a memory card, and a guide about touchscreen gestures.

Google Account Setups

Before downloading an app at Google Play Store, you can’t miss this one important step: Setting up your Google account.

Learn how to create a new Google credential or using an existing one from your old phone. After, learn how to synchronize with Google Services such as Calendars and Gmail.


Install and uninstalling apps is made easy with a guide in the Apps sections. There’s an instruction on how to install one from Google Play Store on this page.

In Android, you can uninstall an app in several ways. This section explains each of the uninstall method.

Communication Apps

Learn how to utilize the Calls and Contacts app effectively in this subsection of Apps. There’s a basic guide such as how to make and reject a call, viewing your call logs, sorting and grouping your contacts, and many more.

In Email and Messaging, learn how to add an account to your built-in Email apps. Read the basic about composing and sending an email, working with the account folders, or changing the whole email setting in general.

Want to send a message old style? Don’t worry, there’s also a guide for that.

Camera and Gallery

All things about pictures and the camera are thoroughly explained in this section. LG Rebel LTE is equipped with a 5-Megapixel back camera and 2-Megapixel front camera.

The Camera app is packed with features such as Auto Mode, Burst Shots, Gesture Shots, and Multi-point Auto-focus.

All these technicalities are explained well in this part of the manual. Taking a video is no exception, you can read about it here too.

Utility Apps

LG Rebel LTE already has basic utility apps such as Calendar, Calculator, Clock, and Music Player. Their function seems obvious to many, but that doesn’t stop LG to dedicate a chapter for each of these apps.

Just check it out and you’ll probably find something you haven’t known before, like knowing what time is it in a certain part of the world using World Clock.

Settings and System information

You can know the detail of your phone, its model number, software version, using a feature called About Phone. Read the guide about it in this chapter.

In Settings, you’ll also get guides on setting up network connections, using Bluetooth, setting up your location settings, and plenty of other useful functions.

Download User Manual

In short, TracFone LG Rebel LTE user manual is a useful little booklet. Apart from guides, you’ll see by the end of the book, there are information regarding safety.

If you’re curious about what to do and not to do with your phone, its frequency waves, and other technical stuff, you can head directly to the last part of this manual.

LG Rebel LTE User Manual (1 MB)

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