Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro User Manual (TracFone)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro User Manual

TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro user manual is a handy book where you can find a complete guide about your Galaxy phone. Learn the basics as well as the more advanced settings.

If you’re looking for a budget phone with decent features, it’s recommended to take a look at Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro. Launched in 2017, you’ll get a 5″ screen, huge RAM, and Android Marshmallow. To get the detail of the specifications, you can read Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro user manual.

The manual is the holy book of Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (TracFone). All you need to know about the phone is explained within. From setting up your phone on the first use to doing a factory reset when a problem happens, the manual is where you look for official information and guide.

One thing about Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro user manual is that it is straightforward. Do not worry about the writing style that’s too technical, the user manual is written in a user-friendly language.

Glance first at the table of content, where you can see sections and categories. Depending on what you need, you can directly go to a certain page easily.

Here’s what you will read at the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (TracFone) user manual:

Special Features

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro has one special feature called Side Speaker. Although only one, Samsung put this feature on one focused section, called Special Features.

Getting Started

Strangely the start of Getting Started chapter is the legal information of the device before anything else. You can skip this part and head to the initial configuration part. But you can also read it if you’re curious.

On Set Up Your Device, learn how to assemble your new phone, start using it from the point it’s turned on for the first time, and set up your Google Account.

You’ll also get a walk-through to every of your phone’s device components. Such as the back view, the front view, home screen, and touchscreen.


In Apps, first, you will read about the basics such as Calculator, Calendar, Clock, and Contacts. Camera and Video is also explained here.

Learn about the most effective way to take pictures with a Samsung camera. There’s a page where you can learn to configure shooting mode. Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro camera offers you with a manual mode.

And then, as this is a Samsung phone, you’ll get introduced with Galaxy Apps. Google apps make an appearance next, followed by instructions on using your Email and Messaging apps.

Don’t forget to check out the guide for Samsung’s built-in file manager, My Files. You can also keep your private files on an encrypted folder with feature Secure Folder.


Settings section is where things get real. A comprehensive explanation about the working of your phones is ready at this part of the manual.

To keep users from getting overwhelmed, it’s comprised in several sub-sections, since there is too much technical stuff covered here.

From Connections to Device Maintenance, you’ll learn a lot just by reading this part.


In Connections, there are instructions on how to connect to Wi-Fi, to mobile data and make a Bluetooth connection.

A more advanced guide, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is also available. If you want a guide about the location service, this section is also what you’re looking for.

Personalization settings

Personalizing includes guides in making your phone feels like yours. This part covers how to change wallpapers, icons, and themes, chose sound and vibration setting, configuring notifications, and adjusting the display.

Device Maintenance

To make your phone last longer and running smoothly at all times, you’ll need to know how to properly maintain your device. This part comes in handy.

Read about optimization such as managing your battery and RAM usage. The Storage chapter tells you how to mount, unmount or format an SD card properly. If you’re about to factory reset your phone, this section is what you should refer to.


The last important sections, Security, here you’ll find an explanation about setting up the Screen Lock, encrypting SD Card, and Device Administration’s menus. The section also covers the phone’s Advanced Security Settings.

Download User Manual

The manual doesn’t end here. There’s still an Additional Resources page where you can find further information about your phone. The last part also contains your phone model number, software version, and other specifications.

In conclusion, whether it is an easy setup guide to something advanced, you’ll get the information you need in TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro user Manual.

Galaxy J3 Luna Pro User Manual (3 MB)

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