ZTE Majesty Pro User Manual (Tracfone)

ZTE Majesty Pro User Manual

ZTE Majesty Pro user manual will worth your time although it takes some times to read. It increases your knowledge toward your own phone. In the future, it will help you.

There is one step people usually skip when they’re buying a phone. Most people would open the box, take out the phone, turn it on, but that’s all.

It’s also the case with ZTE Majesty Pro. Many don’t know the phone comes with a guide called ZTE Majesty Pro user manual. And this guide, it’s recommended to read it before getting any further.

Consider reading a manual an investment. It takes only a few of your times, but the knowledge gained from it could benefit you in the long run. You’ll have a better knowledge of your phone. It can minimize trouble and make your device last longer.

Tracfone ZTE Majesty Pro user manual content:

Getting Started

The manual start with a section called Getting Started. Here, there are instructions to install a micro-SIM card and a memory card.

You’ll get tips on how to extend your battery life, aside from basic guide in charging the battery and turning your phone on and off. There’s also a part where every component of your phone is explained with a description.


If you put your pet’s picture on your home screen, you’ll know that your phone is exclusively yours.

Learn how to set up a theme, wallpapers, and other personalizing settings in this section. You will also learn small tweaks such as changing your app’s transition animation.

Knowing the Basics

It’s important to know the basic of your phone. Things such as managing notifications and monitoring the phone status are explained well here.

You will also get useful advice in managing your shortcuts and widgets, and navigating your home and app screen.

Networks and Devices

Connecting to the net sometimes can get confusing. Don’t worry, this section will provide you with simple, easy-to-read solutions.

The section covers connections through Mobile Network, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth. There’s also a part where the manual tells you to connect your phone to a computer.


Separated into several sections, the manual contains a comprehensive guide in using Phone Calls, Contacts, Email, and Messaging. In Phone Calls, learn about basic stuff such as making a call, checking voicemails, and making a conference call.

If you need to know how to manage your contacts, the next section will help you to that. Titled Contacts, it offers guides in adding, opening, importing, and searching for a contact.

Emails covers how-tos in setting up your email account. Next, you’ll read the basic in sending and replying an email.

The same thing is also explained in the Messaging section. Here, you’ll read about opening a message, sending and replying one, and forwarding a message.


Once you’re connected to the internet, the next thing you’d want to do is surfing the web. Go to the Browser section to read about it. Here, you’ll learn from setting the homepage, going to an address, and downloading files. You can also read about changing your browser settings.

Camera and Multimedia

The camera and entertainment part of the manual describes the function of Camera, Gallery, Music, Video Player, and Sound Recorder.

All you need to know about taking an awesome picture is explained in Camera section. Here, you will get informed about manual mode, other camera modes, and customizing your camera settings.

Gallery contains a guide about working with albums and pictures. In Music, there is advice on how to manage your music files.

Video Player section is quite straightforward. It tells users what’s need to be done in order to watch a video. In Sound Recorder, you’ll read about recording and playing voice notes.


A basic explanation of built-in apps such as Calculator and Clock. You’ll also read about Google Apps. If you have questions when using Chrome, Drive, or YouTube, this section is what you should refer to.


Other more advanced settings are explained in this last section. You will need to read this section carefully, especially if you want to perform difficult customization such as encrypting your phone, the updating software, or perform a factory reset.

Download User Manual

In conclusion, there’s no time wasted when you read ZTE Majesty Pro user manual. In the future, you’ll save a lot of time when a problem arises.

From something easy such as adjusting your brightness to a more complicated one such as doing a factory reset, the manual covers all.

ZTE Majesty Pro User Manual (1 MB)

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