ZTE Cymbal-G LTE User Manual (TracFone)

ZTE Cymbal-G LTE User Manual

ZTE Cymbal-G LTE User Manual helps you get familiar with this ZTE model, which is a unique phone on its own. Learn about features from Messaging, Music, to Settings.

Even if you have used a ZTE phone in the past, this ZTE model could need some times to get familiar with. Thankfully, Tracfone ZTE Cymbal-G comes with a user manual, it will get you through the phone’s nooks and crannies. It makes sure you have all the information you need for your new phone.

You can download it and open it anywhere, on a phone or a computer. Even when your phone hasn’t arrived yet in case you order it online. This manual contains helpful information for you to start with. So when your phone is finally on your hand, you’ll know what to do.

Here are what the ZTE Cymbal-G user manual contains:

Getting Started

In Getting Started, the first thing you’ll learn is how to install a microSDHC Card. Moving to the next sub-section, you’ll get through the battery stuff. Such as, what’s the right way to charge, and how to extend the phone’s battery life. A little bit introduction of the phone’s home screen concludes this chapter.


From setting the Time to the system language, Personalizing chapter is one step ahead after Getting Started.

Make your phone more like yours by applying a wallpaper. There’s a guide about it here. You will also read about the security part, such as Screen Lock and Anti-Theft Features.

Phone Calls and Messages

This section covers all the tidbit about basic communication features: Phone and messaging. Learn how to work with Groups feature, export and import your contact data, manage SMS, and many more. Also included in this chapter is a guide about monitoring your phone status.


Browser on ZTE Cymbal -G isn’t as advanced as Chrome, but it’s enough to get you surfing the net.

Learn how to open the Browser, set the Home Page, and adding a Bookmark. The last part of the section contains info where you can learn about Browser History and Settings.

Music, Video Player, FM Radio

ZTE Cymbal-G has more than enough features to keep you entertained all day. If you don’t know about these features, head to the multimedia sections.

In Music, you’ll learn the good old way of copying music files to your phone. Isn’t that a nostalgia? You will also learn about managing your playlist, and of course, how to play the music.

In Video, the first thing you’ll read is how to open the Video Library. Playing and controlling videos are made a breeze with a guide included here. As in the Music section, you’ll also learn about copying your video files from computer to the phone and vice versa.

If you have no music or video on the phone, don’t worry. FM Radio will be the source of your entertainment. It’s easy to use this feature, as indicated in FM radio section. Here, you’ll know all the setup you have to do to have a local radio station playing on your phone.

Calendar and Sound Recorder

ZTE Cymbal-G has Calendar and Sound Recorder. In some situation, these features can come in handy. Should the opportunity arise, read this particular part of the manual, where it’s written here guides such as playing and recording a voice memo, adding an event, and set up a reminder in Calendar.

More Apps

ZTE Cymbal-G is more than explained above. There are more apps to enjoy, such as Calculator, Weather, and File Manager. Learn each of there apps on a section simply named “More Apps”. It contains everything you need to know to use these apps.


In Settings, the section shows you how to make phone Profiles. There are also the General Settings part, where you can read configurations guide for mobile network, Bluetooth, and Location.

It also explain about Device Maintenance, where you can read about monitoring Data Usage and how much storage capacity you have.

You can connect the phone to a computer with a USB. An instruction is available regarding this matter. You can also learn about factory reset at the last part of the section.

Download User Manual

Overall, ZTE Cymbal-G LTE user manual is helpful for you to learn about this unique ZTE model. There’s nothing that is not explained in these pages.

If you are curious, there’s even an additional part where you can read about safety information. Most of the time, though, you will only need to read the crucial part only.

ZTE Cymbal-G User Manual (654 KB)

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