Alcatel Raven LTE User Manual

A complete description of Alcatel Raven LTE user manual, including the information on every single chapter inside, how to find the information that suits your need, and of course why you need one.

Alcatel Raven User Manual

TracFone Alcatel Raven LTE user manual is the user guide book that comes with the phone. The main idea to have this user manual is to ensure that you and other owners will be able to get started with this new phone.

Consider this user manual as a personal map of this phone. Whenever you encounter any issue on how to operate specific application of this phone, most likely you will find the answer right here.

To make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for, let’s find out what kind of information contained in each chapter of Alcatel Raven LTE manual:

Your Mobile

Know more about your mobile, the Alcatel Raven LTE from this chapter. Find out about the keys and connector, what are they, its function and how to use it. You also could figure out how to set up the phone.

One more thing, you also will know all about the home screen, all the symbols within, and of course how to use the touchscreen.

Text Input

Do you know how to type something on your new Alcatel Raven LTE? If you don’t, then this is the chapter for you.

From the on-screen keyboard, Google keyboard, and text editing, this chapter covers it all.

Phone Call, Call Logs, Contacts

Save your family and friend’s number in contacts. Make a phone call, accepting one, or rejecting one.

You also can do many things during a phone call. You can figure out how to do all those things from this chapter.

Messaging and Email

Sending a text message and email with Alcatel Raven LTE is so much easier now thanks to the guide in this chapter.

Start with a simple text message. There are many things you will learn about text message such as how to attach certain types of files and adjust message settings.

This chapter also explains to you how to add and set up external POP3 and IMAP email accounts on this phone. And finally, it also has a step by step guide on how to create and send an email.

Calendar, Clock, Calculator

Keep track of important meeting with calendar function on this phone. This device also has a built-in clock that you could use to see the time, set an alarm, use it as a timer, and also countdown.

One more thing, calculate all those numbers with the calculator function on the same phone. Find out how to do it all in this chapter.

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Getting Connected

Stay connected is an easy thing to do. With Alcatel Raven LTE user manual, you will be able to figure out many ways to stay connected.

Start with connecting to the internet using Wi-Fi and 4G networks so you can stay online all the time. You also can connect with other Bluetooth device and also your computer.

There are more ways to connect including sharing the phone’s mobile data connection and VPN.

Multimedia Applications

Want to explore the multimedia application on Alcatel Raven LTE? This chapter will show you the way.

Start with how to use the camera and camcorder to take a picture and shoot a video. Make sure to change the setting to fit your need, and enjoy the result in the Gallery.

Want to listen to some music? Open the music application and listen to all of your favorite songs.


Your phone comes with a default settings. But you can change it the way you want it and every single thing about this chapter talks about this specific purpose.

For example, you can learn how to change the screen lock method, how to change font size, and how to add an account for the selected app.

Download User Manual

There you have it, a complete description of TracFone Alcatel Raven LTE user manual. Use this as your guide to find the specific information you are looking for.

Or better yet, read the whole user manual before you start using this device and keep it close by so you can consult it anytime you need it.

Download: Alcatel Raven User Manual (PDF)

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