LG Premier Pro Plus (L455DL) User Manual

LG Premier Pro Plus user manual sections summary and highlights. Find out topics covered inside and the reasons why you should read this document.

LG Premiere Pro Plus User Manual

LG Premier Pro Plus (L455DL) is an entry-level phone with a lot to offer. Although it falls into the entry-level category, Premier Pro Plus is exciting to be explored.

And there’s no better way to understand a phone than by reading its user manual. It’s an official document from the manufacturer where you can learn your phone thoroughly.

So this is a sneak peek on the LG Premier Pro Plus user manual. Aside from introducing users to the phone’s features, a user manual has plenty of other use.

It helps you configure a certain setting on the phone. When you face a problem, the manual provides insight into what could be the solution.

Custom-designed Features

This section is where readers can find the highlighted features of LG Premier Pro Plus. The highlighted feature is a must-see. The first thing you will encounter in this section is the Portrait mode.

It’s a camera mode with a blurred background. Enjoy exploring the mode and taking creative pictures. Use the manual to discover options such as blur strength.

Another special feature covered here is the Google Assistant. Give instructions to your phone by using a voice command. Activation and access are explained thoroughly so everyone can easily understand.

LG Premier Pro Plus has a fingerprint sensor, and it’s among the features included in this chapter. Learn how to register a fingerprint and manage fingerprints data. Also, learn how to activate it as a screen lock or a content lock.

Basic Functions

In this section, readers will start to learn about the phone itself. You will start with the components. Examine your phone while paying attention to the layout page. Learn about each port and button along with its functions.

The Basic Functions section also includes battery and charging tutorials. You will see instructions on battery installation.

You won’t make a mistake when charging, because this section also comes with tips on how to charge properly. Finally, follow the instructions for the first time setup.

This section lastly covers the Home screen. As the first thing users will see when the phone is finally on, it’s important to understand Premier Pro’s Home screen.

You’ll also read about touch screen gestures for navigation. There are many other topics here, such as the Lock screen, folders, and memory card installation.

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Useful Apps

The third section on this LG Premier Pro Plus user manual is called Useful Apps. In this section, LG provides information regarding the phone’s apps and services.

You will see the basic tutorial first. In this tutorial, readers start with apps installation, shortcuts, and folders.

As the section progresses, the manual moves into essentials apps such as Phone, Messages, and Camera.

If you already know how to perform basic tasks, discover less known features such as three-way calling and camera modes. There’s always something interesting to find out.

Go beyond just the essentials by exploring more apps. There are utilities and tools such as Calculator, Clock, and many more. Discover LG specific apps such as QuickMemo+, the LG style notepad.

As this phone runs on Google’s Android, several pages are dedicated to Google’s apps ecosystem.


This section contains tutorials about settings across the technical area of the phone. From hardware settings, display, to sound and notification, this is the chapter you’re looking for if you want to do some tweaking. For example, when you want to know how to put the phone on Do Not Disturb mode.

Settings also cover Wireless and Network. Find out the ways to connect to the internet, either through WiFi or Mobile data. Explore more settings, such as VPN, Wi-Fi direct, and USB tethering.

There are more settings as well. Accessibility helps users manage accessibility plug-ins installed on the phone, such as Screen color inversion, RTT Call, and Touch Assistant. There’s also a part showing how to upgrade the software.

Download User Manual

If you think the manual has helped you, shoot us a comment below so other readers will be encouraged to read it.

LG Premier Pro Plus (L455DL) user manual closes with extra information regarding Anti-Theft, Warranty, and some miscellaneous information.

A FAQ page contains several common issues and how to fix them. In conclusion, always keep the manual even after you read it. There’s a chance you will need it in the future.

Download: LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual (PDF)

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